Dynatrace announces agentless support for OpenTelemetry

Software intelligence company Dynatrace announced it is providing agentless support for OpenTelemetry. This allows customers to send OpenTelemetry data directly to the Dynatrace Platform when agents are not possible or necessary.

It also adds to the OpenTelemetry data already automatically captured by Dynatrace OneAgent, such as pre-instrumented open-source frameworks, cloud services, and custom metrics.

As a result, Dynatrace customers can use the OpenTelemetry open-source standard for any data source, and leverage Dynatrace’s AIOps and automation capabilities to deliver predictability and precise actionability across their cloud-native technologies.

“Multicloud environments enable organizations to rapidly scale digital capabilities but keeping up with the data they create is often manual and complicated, which drains time from innovation,” said Tim Gerlach, Product Owner of APM at SAP Business Technology Platform.

“Dynatrace makes it easy to harness a broad set of observability data, including from the latest open-source standards like OpenTelemetry. However, what really sets Dynatrace apart is that it also makes that data actionable, through its powerful AIOps and automation.

“This more intelligent approach enables Dynatrace to proactively show us what the issues are, so we can focus on optimizing our service, rather than wasting time interrogating raw data and building dashboards.”

The Dynatrace platform automatically captures observability data, including metrics, logs, and traces, as well as data from user experiences and the latest open-source standards. The platform continuously maps multicloud environments and their dependencies.

Integrated AIOps capabilities automatically detect anomalies, deliver answers prioritized by business impact and with code-level detail, and drive optimizations across the software lifecycle. This unique combination of automatic and intelligent observability enables teams to tame complex multicloud environments and accelerate their pace of innovation.

“OpenTelemetry increases the breadth of the data and scope of the cloud ecosystem that organizations can observe, and it is key to the future of our industry,” said Steve Tack, SVP of Product Management at Dynatrace.

“But collecting data is only a starting point, and organizations will find their teams are quickly overwhelmed if they continue to rely on manual approaches to gain insights.

“This is why we made AIOps central to our platform – the value of OpenTelemetry will only be unlocked through a unified platform that goes beyond delivering data on dashboards and provides precise answers with root-cause analysis to enable greater efficiency and continuous optimization.

“This approach enables organizations to optimize cloud-native ecosystems at enterprise-scale. We hope our continued leadership in this space drives increased visibility and engagement with open standards across the industry.”

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