Arete launches Arsinal, a toolkit for threat protection and reporting integrated into SentinelOne

Combining data collected by the SentinelOne platform and Arete‘s frontline intelligence gained from thousands of incident response engagements, the new offering enables significantly broader protection for organizations of all types and sizes.

Key features of Arsinal include:

  • Threat prevention. Application of Arsinal threat hunting and auto-defense schema directly into SentinelOne client consoles, continuously hardening defenses against the latest malware and threat variants identified and remediated by Arete Experts.
  • Advanced reporting. Managed Detection & Response (MDR) and Security Operations Center (SOC) reporting of endpoint activity and threat data from SentinelOne, including threat defense activity, analysis of client-specific malware threat activity, and threats prevented by Arsinal and overall threat/variant trends.

“We are very excited to introduce Arsinal, which is the first of several data-driven products and services from Arete,” said Joe Mann, CEO of Arete.

“Arsinal provides customized protection to our installations of SentinelOne, our partner in defending clients from the latest malware threats from cybercriminals.”

“SentinelOne’s partnership with Arete Incident Response is strategic – our technology remediates live attacks in critical moments,” said Jared Phipps, SVP Worldwide Solutions Engineering at SentinelOne.

“This will further leverage our joint field experiences, coupling curated threat intelligence and advanced reporting for Arete’s SentinelOne customers.”

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