Entrust Production Analytics Solution optimizes card issuance operations

Entrust introduced the Production Analytics Solution, designed to provide real-time data and actionable insights to optimize card issuance operations. The solution is part of the Entrust Adaptive Issuance software platform trusted by banks, governments and other organizations worldwide.

With the complexity of card issuance environments and lack of real-time visibility into production system operations, card issuers have difficulty effectively overcoming efficiency challenges across the production ecosystem.

Entrust has leveraged more than 50 years of expertise in the card issuance market to develop a platform that will provide the intelligent data and expert support needed to master operational planning for the alignment of people, equipment and processes, positioning card issuers as leaders within the industry.

“Card issuers are in search of solutions that help bring efficient continuous process improvements and optimization to the production floor,” said Dan Good, Vice President, Payment and Identity Issuance Solutions at Entrust.

“The Entrust Production Analytics Solution was developed by the same engineers that built the systems it supports. And, we’ve gone a step further to provide one-on-one consultation to our customers, allowing them access to our team of experts to help identify and remove bottlenecks, increase operational efficiency and reduce production costs.”

How it works

The Entrust Production Analytics Solution collects information directly from the Central Issuance systems on the production floor and converts it into a dynamic dashboard of data for in-depth analysis.

It offers point-and-click drill down capabilities to refine the accumulated data over any time interval, and the data can be shown in a variety of ways to see the most appropriate insights for the operation.

Key features and benefits of the subscription includes:

  • Real-time, actionable data collection that supports SPC (Statistical Process Control) methodology to monitor production statistics and trends for immediate problem solving
  • Regular industry expert engagements that will provide in-depth analysis of data and actionable recommendations for card issuer efficiency improvements
  • Regular software updates and new features
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