SecurID’s enhancements accelerate cloud adoption and advance customers’ zero trust strategies

SecurID announced key enhancements that will help organizations accelerate their cloud journeys, provide full-spectrum authentication options, and ensure flexible and adaptive identity experiences for all users and use cases.

Together, these innovations represent the unified capabilities that organizations need to thrive in the digital world.

“In the last year, the Identity & Access Management (IAM) and Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) markets became center stage as security architectures adapted to prioritize cloud-first, single-platform experiences.

“Based on the trust our customers placed in us, we saw remarkable growth in our identity business and are honored to serve this dynamic market with a new vision of SecurID that harnesses decades of innovation, accelerates organizations’ cloud journeys, embraces and advances zero trust strategies, and provides the full range of modern authentication options for all users,” said Rohit Ghai, CEO RSA.

“From intelligence organizations to healthcare providers to financial institutions, SecurID works with both global enterprises and small and medium-sized businesses, and we’re committed to developing the innovations they need in a single platform in the cloud to empower all users, without sacrificing enterprise-grade security.

“SecurID’s key enhancements adapt to where businesses are today, empower them to reach their long-term goals, and provide all users with flexible, convenient access,” said Ted Kamionek, Chief Operating Officer and CRO, SecurID.

Accelerate cloud journeys

SecurID provides a single, trusted, enterprise-grade, and scalable platform for identity access management. The solution helps businesses meet current needs and adapt to future demands, enabling cloud, on-prem, and hybrid users.

Thousands of enterprises already consume SecurID multi-factor authentication and SSO from the cloud and the cloud solution will now offer the same breadth of capability traditionally available in the on-premise product, including physical tokens.

The SecurID Governance & Lifecycle (G&L) solution, which allows businesses to ensure that the right users have the right access to the right resources, will also be available in the cloud this summer as a brand-new managed solution.

The summer release of SecurID G&L Cloud will provide the world’s most security-sensitive organizations with a simpler, easier, and better way to understand and control changing access needs.

Meet all authentication needs

SecurID uses a range of modern authentication options to provide simple, convenient access for all workforces, customers, and users.

SecurID safeguards whatever organizations need to protect – including SaaS applications, on-premises infrastructure, etc. – however they want to protect it – including passwordless, push-to-approve, device biometrics, FIDO, hardware and software tokens, and more.

Through new mobile software development kits (SDKs), the solution enables convenient, customized customer IAM (CIAM) that ensure your services can be accessed from anywhere and on any device.

Prioritize critical security threats

The pandemic forced work, school, and play into a new paradigm, dramatically expanding the attack surface and erasing the perimeters that security teams relied on to protect critical assets.

SecurID helps businesses adapt to this new normal by providing dynamic access responses that learn every user’s unique behavior. Moreover, the solution’s enhanced risk-based authentication provides secure, step-up responses to help businesses advance zero trust strategies and ensure that only the right users have the right access.

And as businesses continue managing increasingly dynamic workforces, moving more operations to the cloud, and changing who can access what, from where, and how, identity governance has become even more critical.

New enhancements to SecurID G&L – including Docker deployment support – make it easier to implement the solution and manage these changes. Likewise, SecurID G&L Cloud, available this summer, will allow users to work smarter by providing operational support and management tasks that support the solution.

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