ChaosSearch expands its Data Lake Platform to deliver data insights at scale

ChaosSearch has expanded its log analytics Data Lake Platform to deliver multi-model and multi-cloud data lake for cost effective analytics and business intelligence at scale. By adding support for SQL and leveraging the platform’s unique approach for indexing data and publishing open APIs, ChaosSearch makes it easy and extremely cost-effective to quickly derive value from exploding data volumes residing in businesses’ own cloud environments.

Today, businesses that seek to be data-driven are challenged by the deluge of machine-generated and business data. The sheer volume of security, availability, log analytics, and other machine-generated data overwhelms current solutions. For business analytics, each new use case requires weeks or even months to set up; data is kept in silos limiting its usefulness to data consumers; data is stored with limited retention; and the need to migrate and manipulate data creates significant cost and compliance risks.

ChaosSearch enables customers to Know Better, delivering data insights at scale while fulfilling the true promise of data lake economics. The ChaosSearch Data Lake Platform connects to and indexes data within a customer’s own cloud storage environment, rendering it fully searchable and enabling data analytics with existing data tools in use today, leveraging open APIs. The unique multi-model approach gives data-driven teams access to both log and BI data from the same platform, allowing organizations to democratize data insights with governance.

While other solutions require complex data pipelines consisting of parsing or schema changes, ChaosSearch indexes all data as-is, without transformation, while auto-detecting native schemas. Businesses can analyze their data with their existing analytic tools within minutes, compared to weeks/months for other solutions. With its revolutionary approach, ChaosSearch overcomes the cost and complexity of competitive solutions, and delivers unlimited scalability, resiliency, and massive time and cost savings. ChaosSearch delivers:

  • Unparalleled time to insight (minutes or hours, not days or weeks) with no data transformation or movement
  • Cost-effective performance at scale with one multi-model data lake on AWS or GCP and no infrastructure management
  • Business agility and full IT governance with auto discovery and schema detections; no data movement or scaffolding; store once and access anywhere
  • Easy access to data through users’ tools of choice, such as Tableau, Looker, Kibana, Grafana or Elastic API

“Before we partnered with ChaosSearch in late 2020, our SRE teams used to struggle with managing the vast amount of logs it takes to support millions of users in real time in a consistent manner across all our product lines,” said Joel Snook, director of DevOps Engineering at Blackboard. “With ChaosSearch, we are able to use a singular solution for our various logs without the hassle of managing the logging tools as well.”

“Enterprises today are dealing with skyrocketing data volumes that they must understand and take action on in real time if they want to remain competitive. Without ChaosSearch, they needed multiple solutions for BI and log analytics, all of which come with significant costs, complexities and time drains,” said Ed Walsh, CEO, ChaosSearch.

“ChaosSearch helps organizations deliver on the true promise of data lakes. Simply put your data into your cloud, and ChaosSearch activates your data lake. Finally, all your data is available for analysis, without data movement or changing the tools your data analyst, security teams and IT Ops staff use day-to-day. IT leaders are blown away by our cost-effective performance and immediate impacts of our multi-model platform.”

Based on these capabilities, ChaosSearch is an ideal replacement for the commonly deployed Elasticsearch solutions today and business intelligence use cases. With ChaosSearch, businesses can perform scalable log analytics on AWS S3 and GCP, using the familiar Elasticsearch API for queries, and Kibana for log analytics and visualizations, while reducing costs, providing unlimited retention and reducing complexity. With ChaosSearch SQL API, clients can perform ad hoc queries on S3 and GCP data as well as deploy scalable business intelligence with tools like Looker, Tableau and Metabase.

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