SecurID’s new capabilities help businesses develop resilience in digital era

SecurID announced at RSA Conference 2021 that it will debut the key capabilities that modern enterprises need to cultivate greater resilience, meet today’s business needs, and prepare for tomorrow’s disruptions.

“In the post-COVID world, Identity & Access Management (IAM) is more critical than it’s ever been – and getting identity right is harder than ever. Businesses everywhere are striving to develop greater resilience and adapt to new paradigms in how we live, work, and, play, and SecurID has the unique combination of identity technology that organizations need to meet this urgent moment and thrive in the digital world,” said Rohit Ghai, CEO, RSA.

“No matter where you work, what you do, or the size of your organization, nearly every business needs modern, cloud-based, passwordless solutions that support both born-in-the-cloud apps as well as legacy on-premise apps. From Fortune 500s to small businesses, SecurID is that trusted solution for organizations across the globe whose requirements have evolved in the last 12-15 months,” said Ted Kamionek, Chief Operating Officer and CRO, SecurID.

The global pandemic accelerated digital transformation and reshaped work, school, telemedicine, e-commerce, and nearly every other facet of life. These sudden shifts underscored the importance of RSA Conference 2021’s theme, Resilience. Now, with organizations adapting to new challenges and strategizing on long-term priorities, business leaders need a partner that can help them navigate this new era and deliver value.

As the trusted identity platform that helps 13,000 organizations manage 50 million identities and provide secure, convenient access to 30 million users, SecurID is poised to help businesses everywhere address strategic and operational needs, such as:

Cultivating resilience: Each of the following trends can help businesses develop resilience and adapt to new challenges: SecurID ensures that businesses can enable secure work-from-anywhere and cater to mobile users, customers, and workforces. Zero trust identity security and governance helps businesses use their limited resources to protect what matters most. Cloud innovations help employees collaborate anywhere, anytime.

Starting now, businesses can match SecurID’s capabilities to their organizational needs using this interactive experience. Explore how users can use SecurID to choose the right authentication methods, build access policies and configure rule sets to develop operational resilience and advance full access management capabilities.

Accelerating cloud journeys: Organizations can now consume the full range of SecurID’s authentication services – including passwordless, mobile push, biometrics, FIDO, hardware and software tokens, and more – entirely from the cloud. Moreover, the cloud solution will now offer the same breadth of capability traditionally available in the on-premise product, including physical tokens. Together with enhancements to cloud-based single sign-on (SSO), support for cloud-based directories like Azure AD, and other innovations rolling out later this year, SecurID delivers a complete cloud-based access management solution for today’s dynamic workforce, with the simplicity and capabilities that enable quick and successful cloud journeys.

Advancing zero trust security: The traditional network has disappeared, giving way to a permanent work-from-anywhere world. Security teams can use SecurID to adapt to this new dynamic by advancing zero trust identity strategies: SecurID responds to access requests with dynamic, risk-based authentication that adapts to each user’s individual patterns to establish identity confidence, regardless of network or location. By supporting FIDO2 Windows 10, SecurID provides passwordless convenience and restores security analysts’ time and resources. Moreover, new enhancements to SecurID Governance and Lifecycle (G&L) – including Docker deployment support – make it easier than ever to manage access requests. The release of SecurID G&L Cloud will expand these capabilities everywhere; likewise, SecurID’s pending compatibility with FIDO2 macOS will extend this capability to even more users and devices.

Expanding mobile and customer convenience: Social distancing and lockdowns made mobile convenience more important than ever: global e-commerce grew 25% in 2020. Businesses will need to cater to customers’ preferences for mobile experiences and secure a growing number of new identities. Through new mobile software development kits (SDKs), SecurID enables convenient, customized customer IAM (CIAM) that ensures your services can be accessed from anywhere and on any device.

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