Exabeam partners with Pcysys to drive proactive security approach

Exabeam and Pcysys announced a partnership to enable global organizations to defend against the latest incoming, live and ever-changing advanced attack techniques. The partnership also helps build ‘purple team’ security methodologies and simulation exercises into SOC workflows and improves cross-team communications.

“Working with Pcysys, we leverage vast research on the latest advanced attack techniques to develop and release new detections that customers can use to continuously outsmart the odds,” said Adam Geller, chief product officer, Exabeam. “The joint technologies enable successful security outcomes through a proactive prescriptive approach that represents a great win for the industry. Together, we ensure that professionals on the front lines defending their organizations are far ahead of today’s sophisticated adversaries.”

“By bringing the technologies of Pcysys and Exabeam together, we can rapidly accelerate organizations’ ability to respond with accuracy to the changing threat landscape,” commented Ran Tamir, chief product officer, Pcysys. “And by continuously assessing potential threat impact together with response and mitigation processes, SOC and SecOps teams can drastically improve their levels of preparedness.”

The Exabeam and Pcysys partnership offers customers the ability to take a proactive approach to security. Automated pen tests allow organizations to identify and remediate gaps in their overall detection capabilities.

The partnership further standardises collection, detection, investigation and response workflows through automation, meaning organizations can frequently and constantly validate their own Threat Detection, Investigation and Response (TDIR) capabilities. In addition, it helps organizations increase security coverage for various Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) by continuously supplying new content based on real-world attack scenarios.

While 92% of organizations conduct red team and blue team exercises, traditional approaches are manual and cumbersome, leaving many organizations unable to reliably and consistently test their downstream investigation and response processes.

As a result, security engineers frequently struggle to ensure their tools can keep up with detecting the latest emerging and advanced threats. The Exabeam and Pcysys partnership also ensures purple teams across industries and organizations are sharing the precise information needed between red and blue teams to consistently fortify cybersecurity defense.

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