Paian IT Solutions selects Corent Technology’s ComPaaS to help clients adopt cloud services

Paian IT Solutions and Corent Technology announce the extension of their existing partnership, adding optimization and modernization of Microsoft Azure for customers using Corent Technology’s SurPaaS ComPaaS platform.

Paian IT Solutions is a provider of cloud services to the German, Austrian and Swiss markets. Paian has been working with Corent Technology for more than one year, using SurPaaS MaaS to scan customer environments and help identify options for cloud adoption as part of broader digital transformation initiatives – all now accelerating and growing in demand due to increased remote working driven by Covid-19. Paian has extended this commitment to include SurPaaS ComPaaS – Corent’s platform for continuous optimization and modernization of existing cloud architectures.

SurPaaS is an end-to-end platform that allows leading Cloud Service Providers to take customers successfully through the entire cloud transformation journey. Beginning with assessment and discovery of existing IT systems, SurPaaS provides feasibility and pricing information for the adoption of cloud services. It then automates the migration of legacy systems and provides ongoing optimization and modernization of workloads once in the cloud to ensure continued best practice and value for money.

Ronny Wittig, Managing Director at Paian, explained: “Corent Technology already gave us great tooling to help clients adopt cloud services. We chose to add their ComPaaS platform because this gave us ongoing added value for clients, providing ‘on the cloud’ capability for optimization and modernization, to add to the ‘before the cloud’ assessment and migration services we already provide.”

Feyzi Fatehi, Corent Technology CEO, said, “We are delighted to be working with Paian IT Solutions. Their vision for cloud adoption and continuous improvement matches our passion for developing SurPaaS – the very best platform for cloud enablement and ongoing management.”

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