NetWitness Cloud SIEM delivers cloud-based threat detection and response

NetWitness introduced NetWitness Cloud SIEM, a cloud-based threat detection and response solution that delivers pervasive visibility, multi-faceted analytics, and automated response capabilities without the need for on-premise deployment and administration.

NetWitness Cloud SIEM

NetWitness Cloud SIEM provides enterprises with the same rich log management, retention, reporting, and analytics services long utilized by on-premise customers for threat detection and response, but in cloud form. This new deployment option makes it easy for NetWitness customers to take advantage of evolved SIEM without expending the resources associated with planning, sizing, deploying, updating, and administering the solution in their local data center.

This announcement comes shortly after the introduction of NetWitness Detect AI, a cloud-native analytics and machine learning solution that provides rapid detection and actionable insights on data captured by the NetWitness Platform.

“SIEM has become essential technology for a wide range of organizational needs, from traditional compliance requirements to functions like security and forensics. As enterprises undertake digital transformation initiatives, a significant part of that strategy is transitioning capabilities to the cloud,” said Dr. Zulfikar Ramzan, Chief Technology and Product Officer of NetWitness.

“NetWitness SIEM already provides robust monitoring capabilities for cloud infrastructure. We’re now excited to be offering the cloud-based critical threat detection and response functionality needed for today’s modern enterprises, which provides them with both simplicity and performance.”

Attacks on technology infrastructure are not only increasing in volume, but also in complexity, making responding to cyber-threats a constantly evolving challenge for enterprises of all sizes, across all industries. The rise in digital transformation and continued migration to the cloud adds further complications as bad actors are able to attack IT infrastructures in new ways.

NetWitness Cloud SIEM is the latest addition to the NetWitness Platform, an evolved SIEM and XDR solution that enables security teams to detect, understand the full scope of a compromise, and automatically respond to security threats across modern IT infrastructures.

The NetWitness Platform delivers enhanced visibility, integrating logs, network data and endpoints, applying threat intelligence and user behavior analytics to detect, prioritize, investigate threats and automate response, improving the effectiveness and efficiency of security strategies.


NetWitness Cloud SIEM will be available globally in Q2.

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