Booz Allen and Databricks unify data and AI to meet federal agencies’ data challenges

Booz Allen Hamilton announced it is partnering with Databricks to drive business value by unifying data and artificial intelligence (AI) to meet federal agencies’ data challenges and advance their missions.

Booz Allen’s innovative analytics capabilities deliver mission-critical technologies, services, and strategies to help clients reach their full data analytics potential in any environment. Combined with Databricks’ Lakehouse Platform – which helps organizations accelerate innovation by unifying data engineering, data science, machine learning and analytics within a single open, collaborative platform for all of their data-driven use cases – agencies can now access even faster, more efficient end-to-end solutions to address their most pressing needs.

Booz Allen is the largest provider of AI services for the federal government and already delivers some of the most advanced AI, machine learning and data architecture solutions through its work with the Joint AI Center, Army Futures Command, and Veterans Benefits Administration, among other defense, civilian and intelligence agencies. The combined power of Databricks and Booz Allen provides an unmatched resource for data-driven insights and decision-making, with key applications including:

Scalable enterprise AI operations

Data-driven decision-making requires the ability to quickly analyze massive amounts and types of data, and Booz Allen delivers scalable machine learning workflows to accelerate AI initiatives beyond the lab to deploy them to the enterprise and enable trusted, machine-led insights in real time.

With Databricks’ Lakehouse Platform, clients can experience the power of ML Operations (MLOps) across the enterprise, building scalable AI infrastructures to integrate and automate the process of ingesting enormous amounts of data in a single platform, and enabling organizations to more quickly develop, train and automate AI and ML models for increased accuracy, efficiency and explainability.

Fraud, waste and abuse detection and mitigation

Booz Allen leverages AI as a powerful tool for detecting patterns and anomalies in massive amounts of data such as those processed by healthcare and financial organizations. Critical to mitigating risks from these activities is both the ability to seamlessly bring together disparate data to bridge the information asymmetry gaps and hyper tune machine learning models in real-time to combat the constantly evolving threat vectors.

Now, using Databricks’ single unified platform, data scientists and data engineers have the ability to operate in a single collaborative environment for building robust data pipelines – providing the ability to rapidly explore and interrogate data sets for anomalies, prepare and manage machine learning models from inception through to delivery, refine data quality in data lakes, and unify batch and streaming services for advanced risk detection and scoring.

Those models can then be deployed into production settings and run closer to the point of transaction, efficiently and securely processing and training on billions of transactions to accurately detect risks and continuously improve outcomes – enhancing the speed and performance for forecasting, machine learning, and analysis of large datasets.

Genomics data processing

AI can bring enormous computing power to advancing the genomics mission, and Booz Allen brings deep mission expertise to help agencies unlock value from data to improve insights. Databricks’ Lakehouse platform accelerates the data engineering required to build high-quality genomic processing data delivery pipelines that convert raw data into valuable clinical information that drive insights and action.

“The ability to uncover actionable insights from data has never been more important as enterprises look to adapt, innovate and better prepare for the future in an uncertain world,” said Howard Levenson, General Manager, Databricks Federal. “We’re excited to be working with Booz Allen as they leverage the power of Databricks’ Lakehouse Platform to help organizations solve their toughest problems with data. We look forward to seeing the value this partnership delivers for our joint customers.”

At Databricks’ 2021 Partner Executive Summit, Booz Allen was named Federal Consulting Partner of the Year for its significant impact at a global scale and strong investments in training, marketing, and solutions as the leading provider of AI services to government agencies.

The Booz Allen and Databricks partnership has already resulted in multiple successful joint implementations, more than 500 trained Databricks practitioners, and multiple accelerator solutions to drive results that meet essential government data missions.

“Combining Booz Allen’s deep technical expertise and mission knowledge with Databricks’ rich Lakehouse Platform will deliver truly powerful AI insights and outcomes for defense, federal civilian and intelligence agencies as they face the most urgent national data challenges,” said John Larson, Senior Vice President at Booz Allen. “The accelerated collaboration, scale and data-driven insights that this partnership brings will add tremendous value for our federal clients as they leverage these advanced capabilities to serve our national priorities.”

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