Resecurity enables enterprises to perform digital risk evaluation of third parties

Resecurity has introduced a new feature enabling enterprises, defense, and government agencies to perform digital risk evaluation of third parties, including but not limited to vendors, partners, contractors, and other entities involved in the supply chain ecosystem.

This follows U.S. President Joe Biden’s signing of an Executive Order which requires a comprehensive review of systemic supply chain risks in high-priority industries. “Third-parties in the supply chain pose the major cybersecurity threats,” President Biden stated, referring to the order as a “significant risk management mandate.”

The feature will work in line with President Biden’s Executive Order to assist in identifying supply chain weaknesses and helping to avert software vulnerabilities, which represent a significant target for cyberattacks, as seen in the recent SolarWinds incident, which disrupted operations by federal agencies and put over 18,000 customers which installed the malicious software across the U.S and globally at risk of being targeted by nation-state actors.

Resecurity, Inc. will use a highly anticipated multi-tier model to assess digital risks in the supply chain via intelligence-driven, actor-centric, and proprietary risk-scoring algorithms. These algorithms will analyze the origins, profiles, and digital footprints of third parties.

Additionally, it will analyze quantitative metrics regarding compromised credentials and infected endpoints, possible signs of data breaches, network intrusions or sensitive information leakage, misconfigured services or applications, and the historical spectrum of cybersecurity incidents related to individual third parties.

The new feature being introduced by Resecurity will significantly impact the ability of organizations to achieve a higher Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) rating through its analytic, evaluation, and monitoring capabilities. This will allow for the evaluation and scoring of vendors and other supply chain elements involved in the Defense Industrial Base (DIB).

“We enable enterprises to manage their digital risks by providing them with actionable intelligence and in-depth visibility into cyber threats originating from a third-party. Consequently, the enterprise is able to undertake better decisions, to alert counterparts, and to minimize and mitigate negative impact leading to a data breach. This approach has been already proven with Fortune 100 customers, who we are honored to protect as we help them fully reimagine cybersecurity operations and perform better due diligence of vendors and IT providers and subcontractors,” said Gene Yoo, Chief Executive Officer of Resecurity, Inc.

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