cPacket launches two network packet broker applications for 100Gbps network observability

cPacket Networks announced two new products designed to deliver ultra-low-latency, high-performance, high-density 100Gbps network observability in support of the latest enterprise automation, data center consolidation, and high-performance computing requirements.

Building on cPacket’s existing 100Gbps portfolio, the new cVu 32100 and cVu 32100E network packet broker+ allow enterprises to acquire, aggregate, observe, and reliably deliver network packet data to IT performance and security tools.

Equipped with advanced features with the right economics and scale, these new products provide the best solution in the industry for ultra-low-latency monitoring and packet brokering at the same time. This results in faster transaction velocity, better user experience, lower mean-time-to-resolution, and reduced customer churn.

“As we announced the new cStor 100 appliance a few weeks ago, our financial services and other customers expect a complementing monitoring and brokering solution to meet their demands during the most challenging times. The new cVu 32100/E completes the solution and addresses key requirements in the most challenging environments across the most demanding industries,” said Brendan O’Flaherty, CEO of cPacket Networks.

Together, these products give organizations the deep, real-time, and actionable insights they need to align with industry trends around 100Gbps migration, high-performance but low-latency computing, data center consolidation, and digital transformation. cPacket remains to be the most well-rounded solution with a complete visibility stack across full hybrid environments.

Product details

The cVu 32100/32100E packet brokers extend the role of the existing flagship cVu 16100NG packet broker+ in a scalable 2-tier monitoring fabric architecture by offering 32 ports of 100/40Gbps or 128 ports of 25/10Gbps in a compact 1RU size.

The cVu 32100E (enhanced) is specifically designed for ultra-low-latency monitoring applications, delivering nanosecond timestamping with integrated real-time analytics, combined with wire-speed ingress and egress processing at each physical port for unrivaled accuracy, performance, and reliability.

Built for high-performance computing, financial services, and other intensive workloads

Just like the cVu 16100NG packet broker+, the cVu 32100E packet broker+ is a unique 2-in-1 solution. It is a performance monitoring tool as well as a data delivery broker and reduces the costs and complexity of monitoring architectures.

It includes specific additional features for performance monitoring of ultra-low-latency applications such as high-frequency trading, market data gap detection, medical digital imaging, 3D and video animation, healthcare, oil and gas exploration, pharmaceuticals, and other high-performance computing (HPC) applications. Those features include:

  • The most precise monitoring with “cBurst” microburst characterization for application-based network utilization, bandwidth capacity planning, and tool utilization
  • High-resolution counters that provide full 1-second snapshots of throughput with millisecond resolution
  • The best possible high-precision timestamping for consistent metrics analysis and fastest transaction velocity
  • Cost-effective TAP/SPAN aggregation and multi-speed tool distribution, and key brokering features in a 2-tier architecture with the existing NG-series.

All new products are available from cPacket directly or through cPacket channel partner, Synnex.

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