Harris Local Government and Field Effect deliver cyber security protection to local governments

Harris Local Government and Field Effect have entered a strategic partnership to deliver comprehensive cyber protection to local government entities across the United States. This partnership will serve to both educate and provide tangible solutions to help local government agencies of all sizes monitor and protect themselves from the increasing threat of cyber attacks.

“Our partnership with Field Effect enables our customers’ organizations to quickly and easily stop unusual cyber activity before it becomes an expensive and time-consuming breach” said Joe LaBuda, EVP of Harris Local Government. “Field Effect not only provides world-class cyber security monitoring and protection but it’s also available at a cost-effective rate that fits our customer’s needs and resources.”

With the pandemic came an increase in cyber threats, especially on local governments. In fact, more than 70% of all ransomware attacks in the United States target state and local governments. And, ultimately, cyber attacks cost American government organizations approximately $18.88 billion in recovery and downtime in 2020 alone.

“We developed Covalence to ensure organizations of all sizes have access to powerful cyber security protection,” said Andrew Milne CRO of Field Effect. “This partnership helps us reach local governments and protect them when they need it most as they are being targeted like never before.”

The partnership between Harris Local Government and Field Effect further demonstrates Harris’ commitment to strengthening cyber security protections for citizens and organizations.

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