Qrypt Cloud Entropy Portal secures cryptography through the cloud

Qrypt announced the launch of its Cloud Entropy Portal. This virtual EaaS solution provides fast access to high-quality Quantum Random Number Generators (QRNG) hardware.

The Cloud Entropy Portal democratizes the availability of quantum safe random numbers for any application, especially cryptographic key generation. Perfect randomness is essential for both classical and Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC), which requires vastly larger key sizes – up to full one-time pad systems.

In addition to the Cloud Entropy Portal, Qrypt will soon unveil additional quantum data-at-rest and data-in-motion SDKs for any business, organization, or government agency to integrate quantum security into their applications.

“My time in the CIA led me to believe privacy is a fundamental right, and everyone should have access to CIA-level security – which is why I started Qrypt,” said Kevin Chalker, Qrypt’s CEO and founder. “Rapid advances in quantum computing make our current data security obsolete and put us on the verge of a once-in-a-generation transformation of cybersecurity.”

Qrypt’s technology massively scales quantum secure encryption, avoiding the high infrastructure investment in proprietary Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) appliances. Instead of satellite installations and dedicated fiber optic cabling, Qrypt has digitized the simultaneous key generation of QKD through an authenticated network of QRNGs in the cloud.

Useful for both classical cryptography and PQC, this approach eliminates the problem of replicated or predictable keys found across modern IP networks. Qrypt will empower any business or organization to enjoy the same national-security level of encryption the White House utilized for the “Red Phone” – the Washington-Moscow Direct Communications Link for quantum-secure communications with the Kremlin.

For businesses requiring the highest level of security and privacy for their customers and applications, Qrypt’s technology will be the brass ring. Combining EaaS and PQC encryption nullifies a breach’s impact since stolen data can never be decrypted – even by quantum computers.

Implementing Qrypt’s SDK neutralizes the “harvest now, decrypt later” tactics performed across global networks for decades. DevOps teams at any enterprise, financial institution, healthcare organization or government agency will have the essential tools and raw materials to meet the security challenges of the quantum age, which is an “extinction event” for the current public key infrastructure.

“Quantum computers are an existential threat to data security because they can calculate cryptographic keys in seconds, an impossible feat for the combined power of all the current supercomputers in existence,” said Denis Mandich, Qrypt CTO and co-founder. “Cybercriminals and hostile state actors will leverage these quantum machines to exploit data on an industrial scale, compromising our privacy, national security and ultimately our economic future.”

In founding Qrypt, Kevin and Denis hand-selected a talented team of seasoned leaders in engineering, physics, and cryptography to help build Qrypt’s patented solutions suite. Key amongst them is Qrypt’s chief cryptographer Yevgeniy Dodis, Ph.D., an IACR fellow and global leader in cryptography research focused on random number generation, protocol composition and information-theoretic cryptography.

Combining Kevin’s vision, Denis’ experience, Dr. Yevgeniy’s research, and the team’s deep security expertise, Qrypt laid the groundwork for a revolutionary new approach to data security for the quantum computing age.

The company spent years on quantum cryptography research and development before launching a solution. Strategic partnerships with leading domestic, national and international labs provided exclusive access to quantum entropy sources and advanced technologies – many of which did not exist a decade ago.

All of Qrypt’s research is published and validated in peer-reviewed journals by professional experts in their field – there are no black boxes or unproven science. Qrypt also holds an international issued patent portfolio in the US, Europe, Japan and Korea, with eight patents and 100+ claims.

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