Mandiant On-Demand Cyber Intelligence Training builds cyber threat intelligence expertise

FireEye announced the launch of Mandiant On-Demand Cyber Intelligence Training. As cyber attacks continue to dominate headlines, organizations of all sizes are continuously challenged to find and retain talent.

Modern security and risk leaders need to rethink how to cultivate security talent by applying new training methods to build cyber threat intelligence expertise across their organizations. Mandiant On-Demand Cyber Intelligence Training is focused on educating security teams on the practical application of threat intelligence concepts, across multiple use cases designed to build skill sets at all levels.

“The combination of a cybersecurity talent crunch and fast changing cyber threat landscape, makes training an essential transformative component, especially in threat intelligence,” said Sandra Joyce, Executive Vice President and head of Mandiant Threat Intelligence. “This is the key reason why we decided to create a rigorous education program to deliver another advantage to customers in their quest to protect critical systems and data from evolving threats.”

Many security leaders manage geographically dispersed teams around the globe, with personnel unable to travel to perform necessary training in a classroom setting. Mandiant On-Demand Cyber Intelligence Training gives security and risk leaders the flexibility to support onboarding efforts for new security analysts as well as to incentivize retention by delivering advanced training and practical application to more experienced team members.

Presented in a mix of instructional videos taught by Mandiant subject matter experts on key tradecraft concepts, training features formative threat assessments to encourage further study, and multiple-choice assessments. The On-Demand Cyber Intelligence Training provides greater flexibility at cost-effective pricing with 24-hours a day access.

The following initial courses are now available for registration:

  • Cyber intelligence foundations: A foundational survey course that introduces the field of cyber intelligence; all subsequent courses reinforce concepts introduced in this class.
  • Intelligence research I (scoping): This course aligns to the planning and direction phase of the intelligence lifecycle. Participants will learn how to ask the right questions and identify relevant context to properly scope a Request for Information, assess sources, and use a Research Management System.
  • Intelligence research II (OSINT tools & methods): This course aligns to the collection and processing phase of the intelligence lifecycle. Participants will learn how to leverage open-source tools to identify and think critically about pivot points to drive investigations across multiple use cases.

Starting in Q3 2021, Mandiant plans to add one new course each quarter. The next planned course is Intelligence Production, which aligns to the production phase of the intelligence lifecycle. In this course, participants will learn how to structure, compose, and edit intelligence products and briefings by deconstructing a series of vendor reports.

Mandiant On-Demand Cyber Intelligence Training can be purchased directly from Mandiant’s training site or by using Mandiant’s Expertise On Demand Units.

For all courses, participants will receive a certificate that can be submitted for CPE credits.

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