GuidePoint Security launches CTF Services to help organizations’ users improve their security skills

GuidePoint Security announced the launch of its new Capture the Flag (CTF) Services. These new offerings ensure organizations’ users gain increased knowledge for improving their offensive and defensive security skills.

From a Red Team perspective, users will gain more knowledge and practical experience with offensive tools, tactics and procedures. From a Blue Team perspective, defenders will be able to directly translate learnings from CTF exercises into improved testing for vulnerabilities and better understand how vulnerabilities are exploited so that they can better defend against potential attacks.

GuidePoint’s CTF Service can be run remotely or onsite and provides the following capabilities:

  • Cyber range: A lab environment where security practitioners can expand their knowledge of new attacks and defenses with methodologies that are similar to their production environment.
  • Capture the flag competitions: Challenge events where individuals or teams compete against one another in a “Jeopardy-style” game, solving real-world hacking problems in a lab environment.
  • Challenge labs for new hires/existing hires: Labs where managers can evaluate the technical aspects of their new hire or promotion candidates before, during or after the initial technical interview.
  • Custom services: GuidePoint Security can create other types of labs and competitions to meet a customer’s specific requirements.

With GuidePoint’s CTF Services, security teams gain a bird’s eye view of the lab environment including visibility of the challenges presented to the target audience, as well as administrative access to the dashboards needed to monitor the infrastructure.

“It’s known that organizations don’t have enough skilled cybersecurity professionals to address all of the challenges and threats today,” said Victor Wieczorek, VP of AppSec and Threat and Attack Simulation, GuidePoint Security. “Our CTF Services are designed to help fill this gap and provide organizations with hands-on methods for improving the skills of their security practitioners.”

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