Sequitur Labs EmPOWER Service secures lifecycle management of IoT devices

Sequitur Labs introduced its EmPOWER Service, a new cloud-based offering that securely monitors, manages and updates IoT devices to address technical, IP, supply chain and business-process challenges faced by IoT developers and manufacturers dealing with the acceleration of Artificial Intelligence at the network edge.

Sequitur’s EmPOWER Platform introduces Trust-as-a-Service to edge devices. Edge device OEM’s must be assured that security is implemented through a product’s entire value chain – design, manufacturing, and deployment – and that a product is secure from initial boot until it is taken out of service.

Trust-as-a-Service enables complete device security for these stages, including secure provisioning, over-the-air (OTA) updates, threat detection and remediation, behavioral analytics, and credentials management. Devices that are always on or intermittently connected, with multiple roots of trust, or requiring secure command and control are protected by a robust Trust-as-a-Service platform.

Implementing end-to-end security requires specialized knowledge of a wide array of architectural components spanning hardware, operating systems and software, as well as a deep understanding of secure lifecycle processes.

Sequitur’s considerable expertise and knowledge in securing embedded systems from the ground up enables it to help customers overcome risks associated with unsecured designs, supply chain compromises and vulnerable lifecycle management processes.

Enabled by Sequitur’s robust EmSPARK Security Suite, which is deployed in hundreds of thousands of endpoints worldwide, EmPOWER provides customers with the ability to monitor, manage and update edge devices. By establishing mutual authentication, firmware encryption and diversification, and supporting a wide array of device metrics which can be used for threat detection and remediation, Sequitur is able to provide a complete edge device security solution from chip-to-cloud.

As the deployment of Artificial Intelligence (AI) models at the edge accelerates, end-to-end security becomes even more critical. Sequitur’s unique IP protection tools, integrated with its update services, enable a new era of safe and secure AI at the Edge.

“With 75 billion devices expected to be online by 2025, device vendors and their customers need to ensure that their products are safe and secure,” said Philip Attfield, Co-founder and CEO, Sequitur Labs. “IoT security is no longer optional – whether its protecting critical IP on the device or securing transmission of firmware updates through an internet connection. With EmPOWER and the EmSPARK Security Suite, developers have a chip-to-cloud security software solution that addresses all of the key security elements in the IoT device lifecycle.”

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