Aqua Security participates in the launch of the AWS CloudFormation Public Registry

Aqua Security announced its participation in the launch of the AWS CloudFormation Public Registry, with a published listing to enable customers to easily discover, seamlessly provision, and scale the Aqua Cloud Native Security Platform into their Amazon Web Services environments.

The Aqua validated CloudFormation templates for multiple resource types radically simplify provisioning and deploying modules as customers scale and help them easily upgrade as new versions of the Aqua Cloud Native Security Platform are released.

The AWS CloudFormation Public Registry launch expands on the registry and infrastructure-as-code (IaC) CloudFormation provisioning templates that have been available for AWS services and tools, with a public and searchable registry containing third-party resource types. As an AWS Partner, Aqua can publish and maintain its own listings on the AWS CloudFormation Public Registry, using CloudFormation templates as a single method for provisioning logic to automate and streamline how the platform is installed across multiple accounts and regions.

In support of the launch, Aqua will publish a series of resource types—including Aqua Server, Aqua Scanner, Kube Enforcer, and Container Enforcer. Customers can now deploy the Aqua platform and these modular components through a few clicks and manage the platform components as resource types on AWS – rather than having to use command line scripts or other manual provisioning steps. Customers can reduce the complexity of provisioning and manage the lifecycle of Aqua resources natively in their AWS environments.

The listing in the AWS CloudFormation Public Registry and validated support for AWS CloudFormation provisioning templates builds on Aqua’s longstanding collaboration with AWS. As an AWS Container Competency Partner, Aqua has invested in capabilities to secure AWS services like Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS), AWS Lambda, AWS Fargate, BottleRocket, Amazon Elastic Container Service Anywhere (Amazon ECS Anywhere), and Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances running on Graviton2 processors.

“Aqua customers can now take advantage of the same seamless provisioning, upgrades and scaling experience as native AWS resource types,” said Eli Scherr, Director Cloud Platforms at Aqua. “The easy-to-use CloudFormation templates and management of Aqua components as resource types reduces complexities and enables a more flexible and repeatable experience for customers across regions.”

“Developers are increasingly using infrastructure as code to automate the provisioning of cloud resources. They want to use AWS CloudFormation to discover, provision, and manage third-party solutions that integrate with AWS,” said Amjad Hussain, Director, AWS CloudFormation, AWS. “With the launch of CloudFormation Public Registry, developers can now easily manage Aqua Security resources as code, just like any other AWS resource.”

“We evaluated four cloud-native security products, including OSS and paid products, but one solution stood out. Only the Aqua platform met our requirements and had demonstrable success working with AWS Fargate,” said Hiroyuki Nakata, Senior Project Manager, Cresco.

The Aqua CloudFormation Registry listing is available here. Aqua is also listed in AWS Marketplace, and is a certified member of the AWS Partner Network (APN).

Aqua enables AWS customers to securely build, scale, and automate cloud native applications and ensure that controls, configurations, and account settings conform to a broad set of compliance requirements. With broad support for AWS services, Aqua facilitates security and DevOps collaboration for the cloud native journey, provides an additional layer of security for AWS build and artifact pipelines, validates and remediates AWS controls, and protects workloads running on advanced services through behavioral profiling.

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