42Crunch integrates with Postman to provide enterprises with continuous API protection

42Crunch has announced an integration of its API security services with Postman, the API collaboration platform for developers.

42Crunch provides enterprises with continuous protection at every stage of the API lifecycle reducing the cost of DevSecOps accelerating the delivery of production ready APIs. Using 42Crunch, API developers and application security teams can now implement API security design and testing as part of an API-First approach in Postman.

APIs are the backbone of the modern internet infrastructure and as companies move to the cloud and adopt microservices, APIs and the data associated with them are increasingly vulnerable if not protected properly. To combat this risk organizations need to encourage developers to use secure coding practices.

A recent poll conducted by 42Crunch revealed that 33% of developers are now implementing security testing at the start of the API design lifecycle with a further 33% implementing security after the coding stages and the remaining 34% either before or after production deployment.

The explosive growth in API traffic has been driven by digital transformation and now API calls represent the overwhelming majority of web traffic, something that has not gone unnoticed by the hacker community. Gartner predicts “By 2022, API abuses will move from an infrequent to the most-frequent attack vector, resulting in data breaches for enterprise web applications.”

Kin Lane, Chief Evangelist with Postman said, “Despite the fact that APIs are now everywhere, not all APIs are born equal as many are poorly built and have inherent security vulnerabilities. Adopting an API-first strategy with guidelines for design, development, testing and deployment better prepares a business for the digital revolution impacting every industry. 42Crunch’s API audit, scan and protection services complement Postman’s API collaboration platform and give enterprises a full 360° approach to securing their APIs.”

Isabelle Mauny, Field CTO and Co-founder at 42Crunch said “Our collaboration with Postman, is helping API developers and DevSecOps at leading enterprises adopt a security as code approach to their API design and development. 42Crunch’s unique combination of a shift-left and shield-right approach to API security provides enterprises with continuous protection for their APIs at every stage of the API lifecycle.”

42Crunch announced last month a Series A round raising $17 million to further advance our API security platform and operations.

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