Taos unveils service to help companies accelerate containerized application environment adoption

As digital transformation initiatives continue to accelerate the cloud journey for many organizations, there is a growing need for network agility to support app modernization and hybrid cloud environments. At the same time, companies are looking to implement more cost-effective cloud-based solutions that automate their workloads and give them more flexibility in resourcing.

Google Anthos is a Kubernetes-based cloud platform that allows companies to run applications unmodified anywhere, on-premises, at the edge, or in any cloud using containers.

This solution empowers organizations to have unified management of their data with high visibility and agile team responsiveness—but migrating current data sets to the Google Anthos platform is not the easiest of tasks. Many companies that seek to do so on their own can struggle with the complexities and cost of the process.

Businesses need a trusted partner who can help them navigate the pitfalls of Anthos migration and provide expert guidance on implementation and deployment. That’s where Taos comes in.

Taos’ Google Anthos Adoption Service helps companies accelerate their adoption of a containerized application environment by rapidly deploying a prescriptive blueprint architecture of Anthos GKE on-premises and establishing a service mesh and configuration management between Anthos GKE on-premises data centers and GKE elements on Google Cloud.

To support this adoption, Taos is hosting free Google Anthos Accelerator Workshops, one-day interactive sessions that accelerate understanding of how Anthos can effectively and securely enable a company’s multi-cloud and application transformation strategy.

Hamilton Yu, Taos’ CEO, said this about the new service and workshop: “As someone who understands the value of expert input and perspective, I’m glad our team is poised to help our clients in this area. Taos can do much to accelerate cloud-first initiatives for our partners, driving up their operational efficiencies while lowering costs through the Google Anthos platform. Our guidance can help give clients the agility and scale they seek, while eliminating heavy time and resource consumption that might otherwise hinder their growth and transformation.”

Taos is available to collaborate and migrate existing applications to Google Cloud with precision, enabling customers to manage workload environments centrally from the Google Cloud Console. Through the workshop, Taos shows how it can deliver a fully operational instance of Anthos GKE deployed on-premises and on Google Cloud with 20 VMs re-platformed into containers.

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