iconectiv joins the 5G Open Innovation Lab to accelerate new enterprise services

5G smartphones are on track to be over 40% of global shipments this year, IDC predicts. However, smartphones are expected to represent only a portion of 5G devices. BPI predicts that the automotive industry will be the most significant for 5G use.

To capitalize on that growth, and enable 5G to scale up to its potential, communication service providers are leveraging iconectiv TruOps Common Language to ensure that their physical and virtual infrastructure can support all of the new 5G services at scale.

Now, iconectiv is bringing that expertise to our new partnership with the 5G Open Innovation Lab, which focuses on fueling the development of new capabilities and services that will transform the enterprise. By joining this global applied innovation ecosystem as a technology partner, iconectiv will work with 5G equipment providers, cloud-service providers, academia, government agencies, communication service providers as well as early- and later-stage start-ups.

“5G gives enterprises a powerful new set of tools for maximizing productivity, operational efficiency, revenue and customer satisfaction,” said Michael O’Brien, Chief Product Officer, iconectiv. “Enterprises want those benefits today while the global economy is roaring back to life — not a year or 18 months from now. By bringing an industry-standard naming, location and network functions convention to the 5GOILab’s ecosystem, we are helping them gain a major competitive advantage over slower-moving rivals by simplifying interconnection though a standardized way to identify equipment, locations and network functions.”

“Through its products and leadership in industry standards organizations, iconectiv has a global reputation for helping service providers and their enterprise customers establish secure, trustworthy and reliable communications,” said Jim Brisimitzis, general partner of the 5G Open Innovation Lab. “This unmatched experience will be invaluable for the rapidly growing 5GOILab ecosystem as we fast-track innovative 5G solutions for smart agriculture, intelligent transportation, manufacturing, logistics and more.”

iconectiv brings decades of experience keeping networks, devices and applications connected for over 2 billion people daily. Network interconnection is critical when deploying 5G services and can be simplified when a common name is used to identify all network services, functions and locations; a common view is available across the entire network and a common way is available to activate and track services.

This ensures the network is operating as efficiently as possible, provides all internal teams with real-time access to critical data and enables services to be rolled out faster, which ultimately reduces time to market for new innovative, revenue-generating investments.


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