Virtana Migrate accelerates cloud migration to AWS

Virtana announces the momentum of Virtana Platform, with successful customer and partner use cases for its module, Virtana Migrate. The SaaS solution, with strategic partner Presidio, delivered cloud migration efficiency and cost optimization for a national insurance company, accelerating their move to Amazon Web Services (AWS) by 70%.

The Virtana Migrate module within Virtana Platform brought the insight this insurance company needed to rightsize, de-risk, and accelerate their migration. The company leveraged Virtana Migrate to optimize and right-size workloads for migration, showing them how to select a more cost effective cloud compute instance based on actual resource utilization, making their lift and shift more efficient.

Migrate’s automated application dependency mapping, move-group definition, and complexity analysis allowed them to complete the migration 70% faster than their initial manual process of extensive interviews and unruly spreadsheets.

As a Strategic Channel Partner, Presidio is leveraging Virtana’s unified observability platform to help customers migrate, optimize, manage, and automate application workloads with flexible consumption across public, private, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments.

Ryan Harrington, VP of Enterprise Architecture of Presidio, commented, “Our focus is firmly on accelerating and validating our customers’ digital transformation initiatives! The cloud is a crucial element, and at Presidio, our goal is to make the transformative process of cloud migration as seamless as possible.”

Despite the current era of rapid cloud growth, many companies are struggling to complete successful, cost-optimized migrations. IDC Research shows that enterprises have migrated less than 20% of their applications to the public cloud and 75% of companies have repatriated one or more of those applications. Not every workload works best in the cloud, which is why Presidio chose to partner with Virtana, to encourage organizations to ‘know before they go’ and choose the best environment for each application workload along with the best route to optimize their efforts.

Bill Hite, CTO of a national insurance company, spoke to his decision to work with Virtana and Presidio, saying, “Every other vendor came to sell me a product, Virtana and Presidio came to solve my business problem of how to transform the business by leveraging hybrid cloud—their approach made a big difference in how I received the offer.”

Hite continued, “Visibility into how our applications interacted with each other was critical in making the right data center decisions. It’s really important to understand what those interdependencies are before applications are migrated. Even if we stayed on-prem, Virtana and Presidio gave us the knowledge to see how we can optimize our current environment—and that alone pays for itself time and time again.”

John Gentry, CTO of Virtana, said “More than anything, we are customer-obsessed, and the combination of on-prem optimization with a migration to AWS to achieve a truly hybrid cloud was best for this customer. Between our migration automation technology and Presidio’s expertise, we were able to guide this customer with a ‘know before you go’ approach and the precise, data-driven decisions they required to get the results they were looking for.”

Hite spoke to their recently completed project with Virtana Migrate, saying, “With ongoing support and guidance from Virtana and Presidio, we received a comprehensive total cost of ownership (TCO) analysis for our move to AWS, accelerating our time to move by months and validating that our move would provide a significant payback.”

2021 brought accelerated channel focus and customer-obsession to the Virtana team, more than doubling their Strategic Channel Partners. Virtana was named Coolest Cloud Company, a 2021 Channel Chief, and a ‘Customer First’ company by Gartner. This recognition, on top of strategic growth of channel partnerships worldwide, is driving record-breaking sales momentum for the company.

Harrington of Presidio continued, “My team always starts with the business challenge identifying what architecture will help solve that problem, then what technologies will mitigate anything hindering operation effectiveness or challenging the business alignment. We identified Virtana Platform and expertise as a key combination to enable transformation and drive business value that many of our customers are after. Virtana’s team and technology have demonstrated ROI for Presidio and our clients. Again, we value our strategic partnership with Virtana.”

The Virtana Platform continues to expand through its four modules: Migrate, Optimize, Manage, and Automate. The recently available Virtana Optimize proactively identifies wasted resources and expenses through intelligent observability, with beta customers saving up to 50% in cloud costs. Stay tuned for how Virtana Optimize is allowing customers to scale smarter to meet their digital transformation goals.

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