DataTribe invests $2.5M in Ntrinsec to add a new approach to moving target defense

DataTribe announced a $2.5M seed investment in Ntrinsec. Ntrinsec is the moving-target defense start-up that is solving the secrets sprawl that exists in enterprises of all sizes today.

“We are excited to announce DataTribe’s latest investment. Ntrinsec really embodies our thesis of looking over the horizon to the next wave of innovation needed to stay ahead of tomorrow’s threats,” said John Funge, Managing Director, DataTribe. “Ntrinsec has a phenomenal combination of technology and team that is perfectly positioned to solve the data protection conundrum of data exfiltration due to key compromise of data platforms.”

Ntrinsec uniquely marries automated comprehensive key discovery, machine identity management, and orchestration of safe, automated remediation through synthetic testing and other simulations to massively simplify key management in today’s increasingly complex environments.

Continuous integration and delivery automation, micro services, and multi-cloud architectures have revolutionized the speed and efficiency of organizations to digitize their operations, but these trends have also caused significant secret sprawl and poor secrets hygiene. Now, with Ntrinsec’s platform, secrets management can be automated with the same level of speed and efficiency.

Asset sprawl and poor asset management are both contributing to stale or orphaned systems, providing unwanted toe-holds for bad actors. Key hygiene issues like key-reuse, local wallets, etc. are the next-step weaknesses bad actors exploit in the data exfiltration playbook.

This attack vector is increasingly a problem for enterprises of all sizes, driving the need for a platform like Ntrinsec’s. Ntrinsec enables DevOps teams to more easily adopt quality secrets hygiene practices and to provide CISOs and their security teams better insights into the enterprise’s security and regulatory compliance posture.

“Partnering with DataTribe sets Ntrinsec on the path to success with the seed funding, mentorship, and resources we receive from the firm,” said Cam Williams, CEO of Ntrinsec. “As we accelerate into this next phase of growth, focusing on innovation, customer acquisition and go-to-market, we are confident in our ability to move the cybersecurity industry needle.”

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