Bitwarden’s password management enhancements ensure password security at scale

Bitwarden announced a broader set of password management features for enterprises seeking to ensure password security at scale.

Admin Password Reset, a new policy feature available to Bitwarden enterprise plan customers, provides designated administrators the ability to reset passwords on end-user accounts if an employee loses or forgets their Bitwarden password.

With this added feature, administrators can now seamlessly provision new master passwords or delegate that control to other administrators, along with password policies for complexity, strength, and minimum length. Password reset requests get resolved quickly, end-users regain access and maintain continuity of their password management, and companies strengthen overall security for critical tools and assets.

Admin Password Reset and the Personal Vault

The Admin Password Reset rollout remains consistent with the Bitwarden zero-knowledge encryption model. Bitwarden Enterprise customers have the option to activate Admin Password Reset, allowing for broader continuity of use with a password manager.

For example, Bitwarden allows Admin Password Reset to be on, but not required so that end-users have the choice to opt-in or out of the feature. Alternatively, if a company decides not to enable this capability, and administrators take a hands-off approach to Personal Vaults, end users remain completely responsible for their master password.

Protecting the modern enterprise starts with secure passwords

The Bitwarden mission to uphold open source transparency, end-to-end encryption, and full cross-platform access ensures enterprises a path to password management success. Many solution enhancements reflect direct and on-going input from the Bitwarden community. Recent enterprise developments include:

  • Enterprise single sign-on leverages an organization’s existing Identity Provider (IdP)
  • Personal ownership policy requires users to save Vault Items to an Organization
  • Custom role configuration allows for granular user permissions
  • Bitwarden Send delivers a secure, simple way to share information directly with another person
  • Expanded biometrics across device types to unlock your Vault
  • Emergency access to designate Vault access to trusted emergency contacts
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