ISTARI becomes a significant minority shareholder of Prevalent AI

ISTARI and Prevalent AI announced that ISTARI has become a significant minority shareholder of PAI.

PAI was founded in 2017 by industry veterans Paul Stokes, Sir Iain Lobban, Andrew France OBE, and Arun Raj to enable organizations to rapidly ingest, transform and contextualise large, complex and disparate data sources using their Security Data Science Platform and related services, enhancing the ability to identify, protect, detect and respond to cyber risk.

ISTARI Chief Executive Officer Rashmy Chatterjee commented, “We are thrilled to welcome PAI to the ISTARI Collective. Fundamentally, we invested in PAI because our clients need a quantifiable perspective to cyber risk that allows them to understand their own posture better. There are also significant collaboration opportunities with the rest of our portfolio. It is a complementary fit.”

PAI Founder and Chairman Sir Iain Lobban added, “This is a spectacular match. ISTARI has a compelling global vision: to bring top-quality cybersecurity products and services to clients in a thoughtful and coherent way. That fits perfectly with PAI’s business — we set out to give our customers an edge, offering unique clarity around their security risks through our application of Security Data Science, leading to prioritised actions across the client organization. That chimes with ISTARI’s conviction that cybersecurity risk management is a business imperative that needs to be owned and driven at Board and senior executive leadership level.”

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