Zimperium acquires whiteCryption to enable app protection for mobile and IoT

Zimperium has broadened its portfolio of mobile application protection solutions by acquiring whiteCryption. Zimperium acquired whiteCryption from an investment group led by Intertrust, the pioneer in trusted computing and digital rights management (DRM) technology.

Zimperium will continue to support current whiteCryption customers and will integrate whiteCryption’s solutions into Zimperium’s Mobile Application Protection Suite (MAPS), creating the world’s most advanced mobile application protection solution.

Zimperium MAPS helps enterprises build secure mobile apps that are natively resistant to attacks. MAPS is the only platform that protects mobile apps end-to-end, from in-development to on-device. With the addition of whiteCryption’s technologies, MAPS provides app scanning, app shielding, runtime protection, and protection of sensitive cryptographic keys in one platform. MAPS’ centralized threat management dashboard provides real-time threat visibility and the ability to respond to emerging risks and attacks detected.

“With mobile applications containing and processing an increasing amount of critical personal and business information, the risks and attacks have increased too,” said Phil Hochmuth, Program Vice President of Enterprise Mobility, IDC. “In response, organizations want to unify mobile application protection to improve visibility and prevent security gaps between point products.”

In an ever-expanding world of mobile and IoT devices, mission critical software often runs in an attacker’s back pocket or automobile. Zimperium’s solutions extend the secure perimeter from the app developer’s desktop all the way into the zero-trust environment, providing 360-degree protection.

“To provide our customers with the best security and the most value, Zimperium believes that every part of a unified mobile application protection solution should be best-in-class,” said Shridhar Mittal, chief executive officer of Zimperium. “We are excited to join forces with whiteCryption, whose team has developed the most advanced mobile application code and key protection solutions available.”

Zimperium customers will receive the following benefits from the expanded MAPS platform:

  • In-development app scanning: MAPS zScan helps organizations continuously discover and fix compliance, privacy, and security issues prior to being published.
  • Advanced key protection: MAPS zKeyBox protects cryptographic keys so they cannot be discovered, extracted, or manipulated.
  • Enhanced code protection: MAPS zShield protects the application, intellectual property, and data from potential attacks like reverse engineering and code tampering.
  • On-device threat detection: MAPS zDefend provides threat visibility and on-device run-time protection against device, network, phishing, and malware attacks.
  • Unified mobile application protection: MAPS is the only solution that provides unified management and real-time threat visibility into risks and attacks detected from development to run-time.

“Zimperium and whiteCryption are a match made in heaven to heal a world full of increasing cyberthreats,” said Talal G. Shamoon, chief executive officer of Intertrust. “The combination of the two technologies will provide a powerful antidote to today’s increased threats in mobile and IoT, and we wish the combined Zimperium-whiteCryption team all the very best.”

Intertrust took a 51% share in the venture in 2010, partnering with a Riga-based German and Latvian team of inventors, led by the German computer scientist and inventor Wulf Harder and his colleagues Stefan Weber and Uwe Resas.

Intertrust grew and managed whiteCryption to be the world’s leading application shielding technology provider, counting world leading banks, financial institutions, health device and auto makers, and media companies as customers. whiteCryption today provides solutions for protecting mobile code and the world’s leading whitebox cryptography algorithms.

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