cPacket Networks expands its global footprint with new headquarters

cPacket Networks announced that it is rapidly growing in all areas of personnel, products, and revenue and expects it to continue in the future. In order to accommodate the growth, cPacket is moving and expanding its corporate headquarters to a much larger location in McCarthy Ranch, Milpitas, CA.

Additionally, cPacket has also doubled the space near the trendy Pearl district in Portland, Oregon.

cPacket provides the most scalable and integrated intelligent observability platform for a rapidly changing IT landscape. The market transitions of cloud adoption, data center transformation to 100Gbps and increased need for AI-driven analytics are well suited for cPacket’s end-to-end observability technology including on-premises, branch office, and public/private cloud. cPacket has recently expanded its workforce across sales, marketing, operations, and engineering, focusing on its AI/ML and cloud team expansion.

“It is a fascinating time as cPacket is growing and expanding to meet the market demand,” said Brendan O’Flaherty, CEO, cPacket Networks. “Our investment in a unique technology architecture which allows for a distributed, scalable, and high-performance traffic analysis optimized for the hybrid environment is what our customers need. We are setting up now for the next stage of the company’s growth.”

The new office space in both locations will have the capacity required for cPacket growth in the coming years – including high-performance labs, collaboration space, and room for additional expansion. The new facility in Milpitas will also house an executive briefing center (EBC) to host cPacket customers onsite.

As the company grows its global footprint, cPacket is hiring across engineering, product management, marketing, and sales teams in the US, APAC, and EMEA.

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