Securiti partners with Snowflake to enable protection of sensitive data in the Data Cloud

Securiti has partnered with Snowflake to bring it’s advanced functionality also operating natively inside Snowflake Data Cloud. Securiti for Snowflake enables joint customers to fulfill all of their key obligations around protection, privacy, governance and compliance of sensitive data in the Data Cloud.

Organizations are bringing massive amounts of data into cloud platforms such as Snowflake. This data brings immense opportunities, but also huge obligations. Securiti’s award-winning platform enables organizations to fulfill all of the key protection, privacy, governance and compliance obligations around cloud data in Snowflake, at petabyte scales.

“We are excited to partner with Securiti for its innovative solution that enables comprehensive intelligence, protection and privacy controls around sensitive data,” said Vikas Jain, Head of Products-Security of Snowflake. “This deeper integration with Snowflake can help our customers and developers to keep the velocity of innovation and effectively fulfill their key data obligations.”

“Snowflake enables organizations to innovate using their data at scale,” said Rehan Jalil, president and CEO of Securiti. “We are excited to collaborate with Snowflake to provide protection and controls around these most critical assets.”

Leveraging AI and machine learning, Securiti for Snowflake efficiently scans petabytes of data to identify personal and sensitive information governed by privacy and security regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, GLBA and more. Securiti provides a comprehensive set of capabilities to govern this data including:

  • Sensitive data intelligence: Discover a wide range of sensitive data, catalog structured and unstructured sensitive data, build People Data Graphs to map personal data to its owner, and track risk of data in Snowflake.
  • Fine grained access controls: Enable automated fine grained access controls based on sensitive data elements. Automated role based dynamic data masking for sensitive data reducing governance burden/fatigue. Static data masking.
  • PrivacyOps: Automate all privacy functions for data in Snowflake including subject rights fulfilment, data mapping, user consent fulfillment, data incident investigations and more.
  • Compliance: Facilitate compliance with global data security and privacy regulations, such as NIST, PCI, GDPR, CCPA and more.
  • Configuration monitoring: Continuously monitor data risk and security posture of Snowflake and remediate any issues.


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