Safety Vision WiFi 6e reduces download time from hours to minutes

Safety Vision pushes the mobile video frontier by bringing WiFi 6e speed to Network Video Recorders and SafetyNet Central Management System. SafetyNet is a complete wireless back-end solution to manage digital mobile surveillance video.

“Not all WiFi networks are the same. By helping our customers move to WiFi 6e 802.11ax wireless, they can achieve 4x faster download speeds over earlier WiFi reducing the time fleet vehicles must stay within range of their wireless access points,” said Bruce Smith, CEO.

WiFi 6e will also allow more buses, or other fleet vehicles to be connected to access points at the same time while significantly improving data security with WPA3 protocols. Reducing download time from hours to minutes lowers labor costs, improves vehicle in-service availability and helps maintain continuous operations.

As wireless data transmission speeds continue to increase, Safety Vision ensures that our solutions and software remain compatible and able to take full advantage of these cost-saving improvements in technology. Our WiFi 6e enabled devices are also backward compatible with WiFi 4 and WiFi 5 devices to allow phased integration with current fleet recorders.

“Safety Vision continues to bring new innovations to our solutions in ways that help customers save money, increase security and improve operations. WiFi 6e is further evidence of our commitment to that mission,” said Bruce Smith, Safety Vision President and CEO.

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