Cloudflare reaches final step before full FedRAMP authorization

Cloudflare announced that it is now listed in the FedRAMP marketplace, the federal government’s rigorous cloud security assessment program. Reaching this final step before full FedRAMP authorization will allow more federal agencies to adopt Cloudflare’s performance, security and zero trust solutions as part of their efforts to build a more secure and resilient infrastructure for the future.

Federal, State, and Local governments are modernizing their security infrastructure, at the same time they are seeing an uptick in the volume and type of threats like ransomware and phishing. The Biden administration has been leading the charge to modernize how the federal government addresses the threat landscape for government systems and government vendors.

This modernization–which will increase threat visibility through protective DNS services and implement zero trust, where organizations do not automatically trust any requests to data or resources–is critical as public and private sector organizations shift to the cloud, connect employees to the Internet across locations and devices, and collaborate with a variety of contractors or vendors.

“Cyberattacks are on the rise and they’ve become more sophisticated. Recent attacks on critical infrastructure made visible, to the broader public, the impact of cyber threats on daily life,” said Matthew Prince, co-founder & CEO of Cloudflare. “Our customers have long turned to us for cybersecurity and zero trust solutions, and today we’re hyper focused on making those same tools available to federal agencies as they do the important work of building a more secure and resilient infrastructure for our nation.”

Cloudflare provides security, performance, and reliability services through its global network to several United States Federal Government agencies including the FBI, the U.S. Department of State, the Department of the Interior, and the Library of Congress. Cloudflare is committed to supporting critical government functions, including the nation’s election infrastructure.

Through its Athenian Project, Cloudflare provides services for free to state, county, and local officials administering elections. Officials in more than half of U.S. states in the 2020 election took advantage of Cloudflare’s services to ensure that cyberattacks did not interfere with the voting process.

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