Ping Identity adds its IAM solutions to the Department of Homeland Security CDM APL

Ping Identity announced two of its Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions have been added to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) Approved Products List (APL).

The CDM program, which was spotlighted in the Executive Order on Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity, provides resources to help agencies confidently select vetted technology to improve their security posture and implement zero trust architecture.

Ping Identity’s IAM capabilities align with the CDM program’s goals by enabling secure interoperability and centralized access to federal data and resources. The solutions allow agencies to accept credentials issued by various systems to facilitate secure access to required resources.

This includes credentials issued by their own internal systems or external systems managed by other agencies, federal contractors, or mission partners. But no matter who manages the credentials, Ping Identity’s solutions ensure users receive the right access authorized to keep federal resources safe.

The Ping Identity solutions added to the CDM APL include:

  • PingFederate – a central authentication authority and federation server that offers single sign-on and adaptive authentication policies.
  • PingAccess – an access security solution that enforces web and API access with real-time and risk-aware authorization and centralized session management.

“Solutions found on the APL are highly reliable procurement options for federal agencies because they have already been vetted and confirmed to align with CDM’s technical requirements,” said Andre Durand, CEO and founder of Ping Identity. “By joining the APL, Ping Identity makes it even easier for agencies to modernize, especially now that ICAM is defined as ‘critical software’ by NIST following the May 12 Executive Order.”

Ping Identity’s CDM solutions further simplify modernization efforts due to their standards-based foundation and integration kits. This allows rapid integration with an agency’s current technology stack and authenticators — without needing to rip and replace their infrastructure. This makes it possible for agencies to break down identity silos to expand the reach of their PKI credentials, while still making the most of their existing technology investments.

And as CDM solutions have undergone a qualification process by DHS, purchasing off the APL also provides agencies with confidence that their new investments will lead to direct improvements in their security posture.

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