Skyflow PII Data Privacy Vault ensures regulatory compliance for sensitive data

Skyflow launched PII Data Privacy Vault, a zero trust data vault for securely handling sensitive customer information (known as personally identifiable information, or PII).

Skyflow PII Data Privacy Vault

The PII Data Privacy Vault includes the new Skyflow Data Governance Engine, which enables fine-grained access control to data based on roles, policies, or attributes. The vault is delivered as a simple API, allowing software developers to quickly build innovative applications without worrying about data security, privacy, or compliance.

The best opportunities for ensuring data privacy and security today are in the hands of the CTO and the development teams, who can build in vault technology at the data layer. The very largest companies have taken this approach for years, but most companies have been stymied by the time and effort required to build their own data privacy vaults, and instead rely on a patchwork of security and compliance point solutions layered on top of their systems. These add complexity, make secure use and sharing of the data difficult, and often have a negative impact on performance and user experience.

Skyflow provides these teams their own data privacy vaults via a simple and fast-to-deploy API, making it easy for them to build in data privacy. Skyflow’s PII Vault helps them ship faster by addressing any and all the key challenges associated with PII data privacy, including:

  • Compliance
  • Data security
  • Data governance
  • Data residency
  • Secure data sharing
  • Secure analytics
  • Encryption/tokenization

The Skyflow PII Vault can be deployed in less than a day.

Expanding Data Governance

The Skyflow Data Governance Engine, which is shared with Skyflow’s other data privacy vaults, consolidates and extends the data governance features, and adds a new policy expression language that makes it easy to create fine-grained data access control system, from columns to rows, based on any combination of policy, role, or attribute. The Data Governance Engine delivers a broad set of features, including access control, data provenance, auditing, logging, policy enforcement, and others.

Shifting left for better data privacy and security

Inspired by the PII data vaults built internally by companies like Apple, Google, and Netflix that spend tens of millions of dollars on privacy, Skyflow has built a zero-trust data vault that any company can put into production in a few hours thanks to an elegant API. The Skyflow API allows engineering teams to build in privacy protection, data security and compliance from the earliest stages of the development process. The PII Vault is ready to handle sensitive customer data and has built-in data loss protection, compliance, a customizable data schema, and a fully configurable governance engine.

“Building software that handles sensitive customer information isn’t getting any easier, not when crippling data breaches happen daily and new privacy regulations constantly emerge,” said Amruta Moktali, chief product officer, Skyflow. “Our data privacy vault-as-an-API approach is radically changing the way everyone thinks about the problem. It allows teams to shift data privacy and security left, to earlier in the development process, where problems like data security, governance, residency, and compliance can be solved more effectively and easily.”

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