New Relic releases HIPAA-compliant observability platform with access to all telemetry data

New Relic launched a HIPAA-compliant observability platform for monitoring application and infrastructure performance of systems containing Protected Health Information (PHI). Unlike other monitoring tools that only offer log management, New Relic One is the HIPAA-compliant cloud-based observability platform for all telemetry data―including metrics, events, logs and distributed traces―across the entire software stack.

New Relic One empowers IT engineers in healthcare, life sciences, pharmaceuticals and biotech with a single source of truth, offering full-stack analysis tools and applied intelligence capabilities to understand and act on all their telemetry data in one place–all delivered via industry-leading pricing of just $0.25 / GB. New Relic gives IT leaders and engineers confidence, knowing they are receiving industry-standard security and value to enable observability.

As healthcare organizations aim to provide best-in-class digital experiences for patients, partners and employees, new challenges related to PHI regulations impact their ability to take advantage of observability technology. Before today, other monitoring tools provided limited HIPAA PHI compliance for applications such as log data, but left critical gaps in ensuring compliance across all other performance data, including events, metrics and traces.

With this release, covered entities including insurance companies, health maintenance organizations, government assistance programs, providers and clearinghouses can now use New Relic to monitor their applications, infrastructure, digital experience and network systems while maintaining HIPAA compliance and safeguarding PHI.

“As the healthcare industry has accelerated modernization and digitalization initiatives over the past few years, and during the COVID pandemic in particular, these organizations have a critical need to measure how their systems are performing to ensure world-class digital experiences for their patients, partners and employees,” said Bill Staples, New Relic CEO. “Our long-term architectural investments to provide customers with a cloud-scale telemetry service that serves as a single source of truth for all metrics, events, logs and distributed traces with great economics means we are able to be the first to empower healthcare organizations and their engineers with all of their telemetry and full stack analysis tools covered by the HIPAA-compliance standard for PHI. This ensures our customers can adhere to regulatory standards while maintaining the health of their systems and their patients.”

Unlike other tools, New Relic’s HIPAA-compliant observability solution supports all layers of the software stack (infrastructure, applications, digital experience and network), telemetry data types and both on-premises and cloud environments. Additionally, New Relic enables customer success with a strong regulatory posture in security, privacy and compliance: SOC2, GDPR, FedRAMP and now HIPAA.

Now, if a patient portal experiences errors, a healthcare mobile app crashes, or providers are unable to access records from electronic systems, organizations are alerted immediately by the New Relic One platform. With a single observability platform to analyze performance issues across their entire technology stack, engineers can correlate data to discover root cause and resolve issues quickly before the technology issue impacts the patient, provider or partner.

“Ensuring the smooth performance of our systems is central to our ability to facilitate our home, community and Episodes of Care solutions,” said Rusty Atkinson, chief information officer at Signify Health. “Now that New Relic One is HIPAA-compliant, we can see deeply into our applications and confidently optimize our patient, provider and partner experiences across these solutions without compromising the security of our PHI.”

“Improving patient experiences and lowering prices in the pharmaceutical industry requires tremendous cross-functional expertise and operational excellence from countless technology providers, and ensuring that our patient data is safeguarded is a critical part of that,” said Selvam Velmurugan, chief technology officer at Blink Health. “With New Relic’s HIPAA-compliant observability platform, our engineering teams can confidently resolve incidents faster, while ensuring that sensitive, valuable patient data remains uncompromised―all a tremendous value to our organization.”

New Relic’s HIPAA-compliant solution is generally available for eligible New Relic One customers with the company now signing Business Associate Agreements (BAAs) to protect patient health information spanning cloud and on-premises environments.

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