NS1 integrates with OpenStack Designate to improve application delivery and connectivity

NS1 announced an integration with Designate, a multi-tenant DNS-as-a-Service (DNSaaS) for OpenStack. Now, users can deploy, configure, and orchestrate NS1’s Managed DNS and Enterprise DDI services from the OpenStack platform for more reliable, performant, and secure application delivery.

Thousands of companies around the world use OpenStack’s open source platform to build and manage private cloud infrastructure. These users require modern network services that are manageable within the platform and can readily scale with their infrastructure.

With its OpenStack Designate integration, NS1 is the first company to bring the power of application traffic intelligence and automation to open source private clouds, substantially improving application delivery and connectivity. NS1’s software-defined solutions integrate seamlessly into OpenStack workflows, enabling users to orchestrate application traffic and cloud workloads dynamically for increased control over performance, reliability, and security.

“Customers that use OpenStack as their cloud computing environment need highly reliable, scalable DNS and network services,” said Sanjay Ramnath, vice president of products, NS1. “With NS1’s intelligent and automated application traffic steering solutions, these teams gain powerful automation and orchestration capabilities that drive greater IT efficiency and make it simple to balance application delivery performance, capacity, and cost.”

Designate enables companies building private clouds in OpenStack to manage DNS records, names, and zones as well as configure existing DNS nameservers to contain those records. NS1’s integration provides access to more robust cloud-native network services. By integrating with NS1, OpenStack users have highly performant, scalable, and resilient application delivery across their distributed private cloud environments. Built for security, redundancy, and performance at a global scale, NS1 ensures consistently exceptional application experiences across all infrastructure environments.

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