Threat Stack provides full-stack observability into Amazon EKS on AWS Fargate

Threat Stack announced it has expanded its AWS Fargate Security Monitoring to include Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS). Using the Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform, businesses can gain full-stack observability into AWS EKS on AWS Fargate within minutes to detect threats and maintain compliance throughout their cloud infrastructure.

In today’s complex cloud environments, security leaders must do their part in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) shared responsibility model by going beyond native monitoring tools to ensure the proper security protections are in place. Threat Stack’s Cloud Security Platform provides complete visibility into cloud environments at both the infrastructure and application layers to ensure critical applications and data are safe from cybercriminals.

As an AWS Partner, Threat Stack works to keep pace with new technology by developing the necessary capabilities for customers to securely take advantage of the benefits of containers, starting with its support for Amazon Elastic Container Service and now Amazon EKS. This added support allows organizations to run Kubernetes applications on AWS Fargate, providing a straightforward way to host applications without provisioning and managing the requisite infrastructure.

“Threat Stack continues to demonstrate the ability to innovate alongside customers through our new Amazon EKS on AWS Fargate offering,” said Chris Ford, Vice President of Product at Threat Stack. “As customers look to take advantage of running their Kubernetes cluster via AWS Fargate, they’re able to extend our industry-leading full-stack security observability at both the infrastructure and application layers through this new offering. This is just the latest example of yet another development we’ve made based on the important conversations we have with customers every day and the close-knit relationship we have as an AWS Partner.”

AWS Fargate removes the need to provision and manage servers, making it easy for companies to focus on building their applications and improving security through application isolation by design. Threat Stack supports AWS instances running on the AWS Fargate architecture with a low-touch agent deployment that delivers the full power of its cloud security platform.

When using Amazon EKS on AWS Fargate, businesses can receive a combination of telemetry collection, rules for known threats, and 24/7/365 support to help implement their daily security operations center (SOC). In addition, the Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform now enables customers to understand when containers make unexpected network connections or transfer data to unexpected IP addresses and investigate potential threats like data exfiltration or risky behavior.

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