DVL services from Windstream Enterprise modernize existing telephony environment

Windstream Enterprise launched a new IP-based solution tailored to the need for critical safety voice applications. Digital Voice Lines (DVL) with Cellular Failover from Windstream Enterprise is designed to replace traditional Plain Old Telephone Services (POTs) as a more cost-effective and dependable alternative for customers.

DVL with Cellular Failover from Windstream Enterprise supports critical services such as fire alarms, security alarms, POS terminals, automatic meter reading for gas, water and electric meters, temperature and water sensors, and more. This VoIP service is available alongside SD-WAN from Windstream Enterprise for up to 100% uptime and resiliency, in addition to application visibility and performance.

“This solution is a response to the industry’s collective increase in rates and, in some markets, the decommissioning of copper lines entirely,” said Mike Flannery, chief marketing officer of Windstream Enterprise. “There’s never been a greater need for a newer technology to replace old, outdated POTs.”

DVL services from Windstream Enterprise allow customers to upgrade to VoIP technology to improve productivity and system management, while leveraging existing analog phones and devices to maximize infrastructure and lower costs. They are the perfect solution for organizations that rely on older technology, which is increasing in price and/or being discontinued.

To date, Windstream Enterprise offers three DVL tiers based on a customer’s needs:

  • DVL Basic supports voice, E911, POS terminals and modem applications.
  • DVL with Cellular Failover additionally supports critical services such as alarm, elevator, vending machines, meters, sensors, etc.
  • DVL over SD-WAN with Cellular Failover provides the added benefits of superior network visibility, security, resiliency and performance.

“Our goal at Windstream Enterprise is to provide modern, cost-effective solutions to our customers in response to the changes taking place in the industry,” said Austin Herrington, vice president of product marketing at Windstream Enterprise. “DVL with Cellular Failover is a more cost-effective solution and allows customers to modernize their existing premises-based telephony environment.”

DVL from Windstream Enterprise eliminates the hassle of a multi-vendor environment by allowing customers to work with a single provider for all voice services across all locations, resulting in simplified management and billing.

DVLs will be the go-forward product for businesses that need analog call paths with more robust features and functionality.

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