Faraday SoReal! 2.0 Virtual Platform successfully deployed in an Industrial IoT ASIC project

Faraday Technology Corporation announced that its SoReal! 2.0 Virtual Platform has been successfully deployed in an Industrial IoT ASIC project, enabling the SoC to run Linux within just a few days, which includes Linux drivers, ROM code, and security boot.

By integrating VDKs (Virtualizer Development Kits) into the ASIC design and validation process, this SoReal! 2.0 virtual platform gives customers the ability to launch both virtual and FPGA-based prototypes allowing full system bring up long before silicon is available.

Building on Faraday’s SoCreative! SoC platform’s success, SoReal! 2.0 expands customer productivity by providing both the SoCreative! FPGA hardware coherent environment and the ready-to-use ASIC VDK software which contains numerous virtual IP prototypes as well as debug and analysis tools and sample software.

The combined elements of the platform enable easier embedded software development based on these mixed-mode prototypes that precisely replicate the architecture of the actual SoC. The key benefit of this platform is the quick and easy FPGA integration of newly developed SoC designs, helping customers to start early SoC software development without the burden of additional IP modeling efforts.

“Faraday’s SoReal! 2.0 Virtual Platform enables customers to mitigate the time-consuming EVB debugging processes and accelerate SoC developments,” said Flash Lin, chief operating officer of Faraday.

“With the deployment of this improved SoC virtual platform, Faraday offers significant additional value to ASIC customers seeking earlier entry into the software development phase of their SoC projects across numerous applications.”

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