LMJ Consulting uses Stellar Cyber platform to add MDR services to its offerings

Stellar Cyber announced that LMJ Consulting is using the Stellar Cyber platform to add MDR services to its offerings.

LMJ Consulting has been providing EDR services (based on BlackBerry/Cylance’s EDR-as-a-Service) to MSSPs throughout the West Coast, and it is now using the Stellar Cyber platform to evolve into a full-fledged MDR service provider.

As its business has grown, LMJ Consulting has recognized a need to build on top of the services it offers without ripping and replacing systems that were already working well. Stellar Cyber’s ability to integrate with hundreds different security tools was a key factor in LMJ Consulting’s choice.

“With Stellar Cyber, we can plug in a range of new MDR capabilities without disrupting existing operations, and that’s what sold us,” said Lauchlin Johnston, CEO of LMJ Consulting. “Stellar Cyber integrates with our BlackBerry/Cylance offering and is a great foundation for the next phase of our MSSP business.”

“For MSSPs like LMJ Consulting, we provide easy integration by offering built-in multitenancy, white labeling capabilities, and the ability to ingest, normalize, enrich and further analyze data from other security tools like BlackBerry/Cylance,” said Brian Stoner, VP of the MSSP business unit at Stellar Cyber. “We deliver a fast and easy on-ramp to new revenue-generating services.”


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