Cloud Security Alliance announces inaugural members of the CSA CxO Trust Advisory Council

The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) announced the inaugural members of the CSA CxO Trust Advisory Council. The Council, whose membership is reserved exclusively for C-level executives of CSA’s Corporate Members, will contribute to and advise on the overall strategy and roadmap of the CxO Trust, an initiative that brings together a community of C-suite executives to evolve cloud and cybersecurity understanding, knowledge, and needed solutions in response to enterprise challenges.

“We tend to think of the cloud as the new normal, but for many organizations, it’s still uncharted territory. We are thrilled to welcome this esteemed group of industry leaders as they come together to help shape the messaging and knowledge-sharing among C-suite stakeholders and the industry at large,” said Jim Reavis, co-founder and CEO, Cloud Security Alliance.

In addition to its strategic work, Council members also will also serve as a sounding board for CSA’s CxO Working Group, which is tasked with carrying out research to advance best practices and other tools in support of the overall initiative mission. Along with other projects, the working group, which is open to professionals and subject-matter experts from both CSA member and non-member organizations, will regularly update and maintain a document listing the Cloud Priorities for the CxOs.

The roadmap of other deliverables includes original research publications, executive summaries of CSA research publications with context for C-Suite readers, the curation of third-party research and data, and joint research with outside groups.

“I am excited to join the CxO Advisory Council at a time when more and more companies are undertaking their digital transformation. The CxO Trust initiative will enable those enterprise leaders in their journey to a more secure cloud adoption by providing a trusted community, a collective voice, and strategic advice,” said Vinay Patel, Chief Information Services Officer, Finastra.

“It is an honor to have the opportunity to participate and contribute with the CXO Trust Advisory board as the cloud becomes the foundation for global business. As cybersecurity risk integrates with enterprise risk, it must become a priority concern of the Board and C-suite. Embedding security throughout the company’s operations and culture, rapidly responding to threats, and influencing fellow senior leaders are skills that every healthcare executive should possess. The board and C-suite have the comprehensive perspective and authority to align enterprise cybersecurity risk management with the organization’s strategic goals,” said Network PDF Cloud CEO Janice Reese.

“The charter of the CxO Trust Initiative is extremely important today at a time when cloud and digital transformation are becoming synonymous, and threats are escalating in parallel. I’m honored to be part of this collaborative effort to move the industry forward in a way that benefits all CxOs who look to leverage the cloud as a business driver and need to stay one step ahead of the adversaries,” said Shehzad Merchant, Chief Technology Officer, Gigamon.

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