Bitwarden helps MSPs provide enterprise-ready security solutions to their customers

Bitwarden announced a new offering that empowers Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to easily deliver password management-as-a-service for their clients. This release expands the Bitwarden commitment to help MSPs provide enterprise-ready security solutions to their customers.

Bitwarden MSP Provider Portal

The new Provider Portal creates a central location for MSPs to manage their clients’ Bitwarden services at scale. It delivers greater visibility into client organizations, centralized management of user accounts, and the ability to create new client organizations as MSPs continue to win new business and grow.

Tailored for MSPs, the Provider Portal enables service providers to bring open source, zero-knowledge encryption password security to their customers globally. The initial Provider Portal rollout introduces an all-in-one management experience that allows MSPs to:

  • Create and manage client organizations from a central location
  • Delegate administrative duties to MSP technicians via new Provider User Types
  • Provision clients’ end users and set up collection access
  • Audit MSP technician access to clients with Provider Event Logs
  • Navigate easily between multiple, distinct client organizations

These new capabilities demonstrate the Bitwarden commitment to equip MSPs with password management and enhance their overall security portfolio offerings.

A valuable offering for MSPs and their clients

In addition to the core password management features, MSPs can also take advantage of Bitwarden enterprise features. With Bitwarden, clients can authenticate using their existing SSO Identity Provider and onboard users quickly with the Bitwarden Directory Connector. Businesses that might lack the resources to manage password security directly can now implement advanced, encrypted solutions that safeguard user credentials through their providers’ managed solutions.

Along with the transparency of open source and the security of zero knowledge encryption, Bitwarden performs regular penetration testing and security audits by third parties. In addition, SOC 2 and HIPAA certifications ensure that MSPs can confidently offer their customers the password manager that U.S. News and World Report rated “Best Password Manager” in 2021 – Bitwarden.

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