MOXFIVE hires Jeff Palatt as VP of Technical Advisory Services

MOXFIVE announced the appointment of Jeff Palatt as Vice President of Technical Advisory Services to scale its Technical Advisory team and meet the unprecedented demand for its services. Prior to MOXFIVE, Jeff was the Director of Cyber Defense and Incident Response at RSA Security and he previously worked in a variety of roles with Emergency Response Services at IBM.

“Over the last decade, MOXFIVE’s team of experts has helped thousands of businesses respond to major incidents. Our team’s unique ability to navigate cybersecurity challenges with business and information technology objectives front of mind in addition to security has set us apart from others in the industry.

Jeff is a seasoned executive who is well aligned with our holistic approach and his experience scaling incident response and technical advisory services will help us meet this unprecedented demand,” said Mike Wager, MOXFIVE Founder and CEO.

“I’m thrilled to be joining the MOXFIVE team and profoundly believe in our mission to minimize the business impact of cyberattacks and be that ‘go-to’ technical resource for clients – before, during, and after an incident. We have a unique business model that allows us to deliver technical expertise at scale, combining the right resources in a rapid fashion to tackle any workstream related to response, recovery, and resilience. When I joined MOXFIVE, there was an incredible foundation already in place and it is truly exciting to be leading a high performance team with such incredible technical breadth and depth whereby we are able to help organizations of all types solve their most challenging technology-related problems,” said Jeff Palatt.

Scaling incident response

Over time, threat actors have evolved their tactics and intended outcomes. However, the approach and business model for incident response has remained largely the same despite threat actors leveraging a scalable approach of employing affiliates to execute attacks.

MOXFIVE is focused on improving the industry and IR experience through a unique Incident Management as a Platform approach. This platform-based approach is the next evolution of incident management services driving increased efficacy and quicker resolution of complex challenges while simultaneously reducing costs and ultimately making life easier for all parties involved.

At the core of the MOXFIVE model is the expertise of the Technical Advisory team coupled with a unique partner ecosystem facilitating strategic execution at scale. Partnerships with handpicked solution providers and software vendors enable MOXFIVE to deliver impactful outcomes through a unique combination of independent strategic guidance and expert tactical execution.

MOXFIVE has partners across key IT and security areas including Active Directory and Server Engineering, Endpoint Detection and Response, Multi-factor Authentication, Privileged Access Management, Network Segmentation, and more.

The MOXFIVE approach enables organizations to work with a Technical Advisor who provides the technical expertise and guidance clients yearn for in this time of crisis, and at the same, facilitate the delivery of all technical needs for the client, consistently and efficiently, at scale.

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