StrikeReady Recon now provides access to the most active campaigns targeting the Middle East

StrikeReady announced that it has updated StrikeReady Recon to provide access to the most active and in-the-wild campaigns, intrusions and attacks that are affecting the Middle East. With this intelligence, customers or prospects have a comprehensive understanding of the threats affecting them, thus enabling them to protect mission-critical systems.

“Middle Eastern organizations are seeing an increase in attacks in the wild, where threat actors are using Malspam, Phishing, Supply Chain Compromise, and Remote Service Exploitation as their initial threat vectors. It is important for organizations to validate their security posture against these attacks as well as empower their defenders to actively defend against them,” said Yasir Khalid, CEO at StrikeReady.

A major problem facing cybersecurity communities is the lack of information they can provide to organizations about exactly what constitutes a threat and if they are vulnerable to a specific attack. It is due to the constantly changing threat landscape and their inability to keep up.

StrikeReady Recon is a threat model-based approach for organizations to prioritize and focus on threats that affect their operations or goals. The threat model indicates which assets, such as web servers, email infrastructure, network infrastructure, critical assets, etc. can be compromised by which threat actors – nation-states or cybercriminals, along with the risk of financial disruption – a ransom payment, infrastructure impact, etc. Further, the threat model recommends a personalized attack feed that includes details such as kill-chains, MITRE techniques and tactics, IOCs, and countermeasures.

Using StrikeReady’s Cognitive Security Platform, organizations can not only test their security posture against these types of attacks, but also empower their defenders to address people, process and product gaps. In addition, the platform suggests and deploys mitigations seamlessly, while integrating, operationalizing, optimizing, and consolidating disparate security products.

In a nutshell, the convergence of AI, data and automation helps the defenders to quickly respond to incidents, proactively defend against emerging threats, and / or operate at lightning speed.

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