FireMon acquires DisruptOps to expand its cloud security automation capabilities

FireMon announced it has acquired DisruptOps, a pioneer in cloud security operations. Adding the DisruptOps platform immediately extends FireMon’s solutions to include monitoring and responding to security risks across customers’ public cloud infrastructure.

Concurrent with the acquisition, Jody Brazil, one of the original founders and product visionary behind FireMon, will return to the helm as CEO of the combined entity. After leaving FireMon, Brazil founded and built DisruptOps to enable security and development teams to find, understand, and fix critical cloud security issues – simplifying how organizations can implement and achieve DevSecOps.

“I founded FireMon to improve security outcomes by improving security operations. Through the years, technology has changed and security has evolved, but the criticality of this mission hasn’t,” said Jody Brazil, FireMon’s returning CEO. “Security operations remains the greatest challenge in the security industry today – limited resources, growing complexity, and increasing threats put tremendous pressure on security teams to maintain a secure posture and respond to active threats. Bringing DisruptOps and FireMon together adds transformational cloud security automation capabilities to FireMon’s leading security management platform – together we will deliver the security operations platform of the future.”

DisruptOps is a Cloud Security Operations Platform to monitor, alert, and respond to risk in real-time across public cloud providers including AWS, Azure, and coming soon to Google Cloud. By breaking down barriers between development, security, and operations teams, DisruptOps enables everyone in the organization to become an active defender of their cloud infrastructure.

“DisruptOps has helped our DevOps teams solve security problems before going into production, essentially adding a Security Engineer to each of our teams at a fraction of the cost,” said Aaron Turner, Chief Security Officer of “The combination of Firemon’s experience combined with DisruptOps’ innovation will help us even more down the road.”

FireMon has a demonstrable history of delivering industry leading network security policy management solutions, and with DisruptOps’s purpose-built cloud security platform, customers gain access to a comprehensive security and compliance solution whether their environments are on-prem or in the public cloud.

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