Push Technology Diffusion 6.7 secures personalized data delivery to individual clients

Push Technology announced new personalized client data delivery capability in the company’s Diffusion Intelligent Event-Data Platform, that delivers data among applications, systems and devices.

Introducing personalization with Session Trees

The new release expands the range of Diffusion’s Data Wrangling capabilities with the introduction of Session Trees. With Session Trees you can easily create event-data streams, for example: by geography focused on a local event or regulatory requirements; by network connection type such as 4G or 5G; by device type such as desktop, mobile, IoT sensor; etc.

Session trees are powerful because they make it easy to tailor applications to meet security, optimization, personalization, and localization requirements specific to a client or group of clients. Session Trees transform the types of valuable, differentiated services that companies can provide.

Integration with databases for change data capture (CDC)

Databases are and will remain a large part of every company’s the technology solutions. With the continual expansion of the Diffusion platform’s data gateway capabilities, 6.7 introduces the new CDC Adapter to easily connect to a wider range of data sources. The new adapter enables real- time streaming of all data, portions of the data or changes to the data. The new CDC Adapter has been tested and approved for MySQL and PostgreSQL relational databases.

Enhanced data transformation

With the release of 6.7, Topic Views can now be used to apply a JSON patch to the values within a JSON topic. For example, updating only the phone number in a customer record. This functionality enables use of all the power of the JSON Patch standard to transform and wrangle topic data.

Sean Bowen, CEO of Push Technology, said: “We are delighted with the reception our platform continues to receive as we expand our Diffusion platform’s powerful, intelligent data management capabilities, in lock-step with the needs of companies working around the globe on their digital transformation imperatives.”

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