Zix Secure Large File allows any authorized user to send large attachments via email

Zix launched Secure Large File add on for Zix Email Encryption. The offering allows customers to eliminate the challenge of sending large files securely by facilitating the delivery of any file type up to 100 GB per message, with no storage quotas and no new credentials for recipients.

Many current file-sharing systems are overly complex and confusing for users, leading to poor file sharing record keeping and undermining crucial archiving best practices. Additionally, separate systems for secure messaging and secure file sharing damage productivity and result in a dangerous lack of visibility into who is sending and receiving large files, which impedes corporate compliance and audit requirements.

As a channel-first company, Zix is committed to providing simplified email security services for its partners and their end customers. The company is transforming how its partners help their customers communicate via email by making secure, compliant sharing of large files as easy as clicking send using their standard business email address.

Files can be sent to any recipient via the trusted, customer-branded Zix Secure Messaging Portal. The solution also makes large file sharing costs predictable, with a flat annual or monthly license fee and no message storage quota or fees based on message size.

“With the announcement of this new offering, we are excited to be able to help our customers and partners empower users with an intuitive way to send and receive large files via email securely,” said Dave Wagner, CEO, Zix. “There is no additional infrastructure to deploy or maintain, which means users can simply log in using their existing Secure Messaging Portal credentials.”

Businesses can face a loss of control over their data if employees frustrated by current file sharing solutions seek to create workarounds using unsanctioned services. The ease of use for the sender and recipient when using Secure Large File aims to improve data security and corporate compliance by discouraging the use of unauthorized, third-party file-sharing services.

“We are dedicated to ensuring businesses have complete oversight into critical issues like data leakage, which is why administrators will find they can easily grant or revoke user access to sending large files via Secure Cloud,” Wagner continued. “Additionally, all sent and received files and messages can be captured and supervised as part of the Zix Information Archiving solution, with unlimited archive storage.”

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