NS1 DDoS Overage Protection delivers price protection for business resilience

NS1 announced DDoS Overage Protection. This new premium offering prevents unexpected cost increases in the event of usage spikes due to distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks against NS1’s Managed DNS.

DDoS attacks are on the rise. Recent research shows that compared to 2020, the monthly volume of network DDoS attacks in 2021 jumped by 200% and attack intensity skyrocketed 300%. These powerful cyberattacks take websites and applications offline, crippling businesses, impacting revenue, and causing substantial surges in infrastructure costs.

“Business resilience is synonymous with business success and this includes not only seamless operations but also cost control,” said Danielle Russell, director of product marketing at NS1. “Hundreds of innovative companies trust NS1 to keep them online, secure, and performant, even when facing large-scale attacks against infrastructure. Now with NS1’s DDoS Overage Protection, customers can also have peace of mind that they won’t be caught off guard by unexpected overage charges due to DDoS attacks. They can focus on their businesses without worrying about disruptions or costs.”

Because NS1 is committed to ensuring resilience for innovators, customers benefit from the company’s multifaceted approach to protecting against malicious attacks, which includes Dedicated DNS to make redundancy push-button easy and DNSSEC with online signing for security without compromise.

With these solutions and other traditional and modern capabilities — NS1’s global Anycast network, massively provisioned infrastructure, autoscaling, sophisticated detection and filtering capabilities, operational readiness drills, and now overage price protection means with NS1 — enterprises no longer have to sacrifice performance for security and resilience.

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