Mosyle Encrypted DNS Filtering & Security Solution automates web filtering for Apple devices

Mosyle introduced its Encrypted Domain Name System (DNS) Filtering & Security Solution, an offering built to automate web filtering and encryption exclusively on Apple endpoints. By focusing on the device instead of the network, Mosyle provides K-12, higher education and enterprise customers with web filtering and end-user privacy for Apple devices at school, home, work, or on the go.

The new offering is built within the company’s expanding portfolio of Apple MDM and security solutions and hinges on Mosyle’s heritage of innovation and automation. Built within the Mosyle solutions ecosystem, the Encrypted DNS & Security Solution is a new product category that leverages features from web filtering and security, MDM, and endpoint security to create completely new workflows.

“The past 18 months have put a major spotlight on the industry’s outdated approach to web filtering,” said Alcyr Araujo, founder and CEO, Mosyle. “Nearly every school and enterprise IT department was forced to pivot and retrofit their network-focused solution to work on the endpoint, creating a slow, unstable and insecure content filtering solution when devices were not on an approved network. Mosyle believes the future of management and protection is in the endpoint and that’s the key to our latest DNS filtering and security offering.”

Purpose-built for K-12 schools, colleges and universities, and enterprises, Mosyle’s latest innovation helps simplify Apple device management, web filtering and security with:

  • Automated and frictionless deployment: Mosyle’s DNS offering eliminates the time-consuming process of configuring and deploying web filtering agents on devices. With a few clicks, services are up and running, providing uniform rule enforcement across web browsers. By leveraging the endpoint, Mosyle’s solution also removes the friction of deploying updates and ensures all devices are running on the latest operating system without waiting for a provider’s agent to be deemed compatible.
  • Maximum privacy: Mosyle’s solution only leverages DoH (DNS over HTTPS) and DoT (DNS over TLS) protocols to enforce highly efficient filtering controls at the operating system and applications levels with full DNS encryption protecting sensitive information. The solution also gives customers full control of what information is logged.
  • Apple first focus: Mosyle’s new solution leverages the company’s deep level of specialization with Apple devices by combining key web filtering functionality with MDM and endpoint security to deliver a proven Apple first offering.

“The quick shift to remote learning and work left education systems exposed to students accessing inappropriate content on school-owned devices and business devices unprotected. And legacy web filtering solutions are to blame,” said Joshua Martin, Information Security Director, Mosyle. “Mosyle’s DNS Filtering & Security Solution addresses these concerns and helps resolve content filtering challenges while providing smooth upgrades, protection and management for Apple devices anytime, anywhere.”

Mosyle’s Encrypted DNS Filtering & Security Solution will be available under a private beta program for K-12 education customers in the coming weeks. The company will announce a public beta access program for higher education and enterprise customers in early 2022.

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