Sepio Systems integrates with Guardicore Centra to defend Tier-1 bank against cyber attacks

Sepio Systems announced that its HAC-1 solution has been integrated with Guardicore Centra’s Microsegmentation security solution to defend a Tier-1 bank against today’s most sophisticated cyber-attacks.

“Sepio and Guardicore share a zero-trust philosophy, so our solutions are quite complementary,” said Sharon Besser, SVP of Business Development, Guardicore. “This successful integration unquestionably opens the door for future partnership opportunities.”

HAC-1 provides visibility and control at the physical layer (L1), thus preventing hackers from successfully conducting hardware cybersecurity attacks. This type of attack bypasses standard security protections, including advanced authentication, by spoofing legitimate devices, and are often the actual cause of security incidents that have been attributed to other threat vectors. HAC-1 integrates with existing endpoint and network security tools and operation centers to detect and fully mitigate the physical attack vector.

“Guardicore’s Microsegmentation solution enables users to map all application dependencies and set and enforce rules-based policies for a strong security posture,” said CEO, Yossi Appleboum. “What we bring to the equation is the ability to defend against hardware-based attacks. It is a powerful combination, and we’re pleased that a top-tier financial institution is benefiting from it.”

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