VigiTrust launches VigiQuiz to provide interactive training for cybersecurity awareness

VigiTrust launched VigiQuiz, a gamified Security Awareness Quiz tool to help businesses observe Cybersecurity Awareness Month in an engaging and informative way. Offered as a service, the quiz is designed to help organizations provide security training, capture the staff’s attention, and create a collective sense of cyber-accountability through an innovative and fun approach.

Organizations are looking for more effective ways to increase cybersecurity awareness among employees. VigiQuiz uses games and an interactive approach to bring both awareness and results to the entire organization.

Benefits include:

  • Increased engagement and participation in training
  • Rewards to help turn cyber-aware behavior into habits
  • A scalable solution that can be applied to both small and large organizations
  • Increased motivation to avoid cyber threats

VigiQuiz is customizable to suit any organization’s needs and covers a wide variety of topics, such as phishing, ransomware, malware, cyber psychology, identity theft, PCI DSS, remote working, social media best practices, HIPAA, GDPR, and more. VigiTrust will assist in the prize process for organizations that award the top-performing participants.

VigiTrust can customize the quizzes in several ways, including:

  • Based on topics suggested by an organization
  • For different target audiences (ex. general staff, IT department, coders/software engineers, key decision makers)
  • Customized certification of attendance and end-of-quiz billboard
  • Additional mini-quiz for high performers.

“It has always been a challenge to provide cybersecurity training in a truly compelling and memorable way that inspires employees to remember and follow best practices,” said VigiTrust founder and CEO Mathieu Gorge. “VigiQuiz gives organizations a fun and engaging way to celebrate Cyber Awareness Month 2021, while promoting the idea that cyber accountability falls on the entire organization — from the top down.”

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