SecZetta partners with One Identity to automate identity access for third-party users

SecZetta announced a new integration in partnership with One Identity. The integration of the SecZetta Third-Party Identity Risk solution with the One Identity Active Roles solution enables seamless provisioning and deprovisioning of AD accounts and allows organizations to collaborate among multiple contributors, across the organization and with external vendors, partners, or other entities.

SecZetta One Identity

Digital Transformation and increased speed of innovation are driving organizations of every size and sophistication to rely on growing and increasingly diverse numbers of third parties (contractors, vendors, partners, affiliates, volunteers, students, freelancers, bots, and IoT devices) to meet their operational needs. These third parties often need access to the same data and systems as employees, but many organizations lack automated processes for onboarding and granting access as well as offboarding and terminating access.

As a result, significant manual effort is typically needed to manage the identity lifecycle and access management for third parties causing increased administration costs, errors, and delays in time-to-value for new third-party workers. Additionally, this introduces problems when it comes to truly understanding who has access, why they have access, and how the access was granted.

“Organizations of all sizes are compelled by today’s competitive needs to provide insider access to third party outsiders. Regardless of organization size or IT budget, this practice introduces increased risk of a cyber incident related to third-party access,” said Jeremy Rohrs, SVP of sales and business development, SecZetta. “By combining SecZetta Third-Party Identity Risk with One Identity Active Roles solutions, organizations now have a cost-effective solution that automates key identity access and governance processes for third-party users while reducing risk.”

“One Identity is committed to making market-leading identity management technology accessible to all organizations. Active Roles was designed for organizations that want to utilize key features of an IGA solution without the typical financial and resource investment,” said Peter Rodriguez, Sales Director, North America Channel, One Identity.

“Together, One Identity’s Active Roles and SecZetta provide flexible, comprehensive third-party lifecycle management with the needed control and convenience of Active Directory account management enabling organizations to have seamless AD provisioning, updates, and deprovisioning based on lifecycle events and profile updates made in SecZetta.”

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